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I have done tons of research on that topic — yeah a lot…why ? soooo okay lemme share a lil back story |

I was someone you can say a “hustler” —constantly chasing; hustling; competing to become topper in the school though every time I used to end up getting 2nd position — but I just tried a little too hard …may be partly because the way I have conditioned to compare and that also served me for a major portion of my school life untill I got a huge “Burn out” !

After a momentary pause I think I was now okay again to hustle only to have a severe relapse of “Burn out” another time… only then I have decided to take a step back ;”)!!

Ugh! — the aftermath of hustling is just bizzare.

With no doubt my burn out was the result of uncanny bully of my inner critic over the time that made me to push beyond the edge neglecting all the needs of mine : physical or emotional or spiritual ! — so the root cause is a limiting belief — yeah may be you can guess it ..right ?

and that believe states :

“ you are lovable and worthy only when you just excel in your academics.” — in short you are trading your self worth off behind those golden numbers.

Okay if you have read uptill now — thankkkk youuu — but just hold on with me because healing burnout umm yeah — it takes time ☹

  • So have a look — these are the all possible four scenarios that can prevail — now mostly when we think of discipline, we try to be hard on ourselves without acknowledging other needs i.e we mostly belong in the upper left quadrant and then eventually but inevitable we find ourselves dwelling in the lower left quadrant.
  • But our goal is to go into the upper right quadrant — but we cannot be disciplined overnight in that way …1st we have to make a lateral move from the lower left to lower right.
  • Oh I just have forgotten to mention what “empathy” means here : it mean being in tune with our emotional and physical needs and then apply structure in a way that help us to meet all of our cognitive needs and wants.
  • But that attunement requires a healthy inner parenting — what I mean by that? Imagine you have inner child and you are parenting the child — now healthy and secure parents take care of child’s needs though the child can throw temper tantrum for not wanting to eat but it is something the child is needed but also allow the child to have time to do whatever creative tasks he or she wants to engage in ! —
  • but if you become either extreme authoritative parent and force the child to only study without play that is not healthy neither becoming negectful parent and giving the child only things he or she wants to do not what he or she needs to do — that is also destructive …often times we find ourselves swaying between these 2 extremes but why not to come back in the middle ground?
  • so add structure in your day to day life being tune with your need of breaks ; relaxation; sleep and explore untill you do find the near suitable one ;)

But remember it takes time and that’s okay too ♡

It’s a skill that we all need to learn and define and alter time to time but the key is “ being tuned with your inner child”…♡


so the above video is of Heidi Pribe on “Discipline” on youtube — this is something I have found really helpful…just do have a watch ♡



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