Let India Be a Land of Great Mythologies, instead of Great Myths.

Hercule Poirot was one step away from revealing his solution to the most complicated case.

I looked up and watched the sun escaping lazily into the horizon. I needed a minute before discovering the killer and pondering on the possibility of his involvement.

My reverie was broken by a series of claps. I looked up to see a transgender, clad in bright yellow sari and heavy makeup. Her words came out from a pair of lips that was painted pink. From a portion of her hair, a wilting rose peeked up.

She was clinging on an indifferent man. Clapping in rhythm and begging for money. The man finally looked up. He straightened his spectacles and stared at the thing she was hiding behind her shimmery blouse and then looked her in the eye. Without returning the same shady gaze, she left him and planted herself in midst of a happy family. The child of the family looked at her in perfect amusement. His big eyes trapped all new things,which will be the topic of millions of questions asked to his mother later. The couple indulged in a short debate and then the man imparted a Rs 10 note to her. The complete woman bowed to the partial woman and pushed her husband to do the same. The transgender then blessed them and made her way out.

The train was passing by a pond that was reflecting the gold in the sky. I thought I heard the gurgling of water in the pond. Nature was giving out an ironic laughter at the way, we human beings perceived things.

On one hand, we consider transgenders a taboo and a curse and reduce them to the lowest position in the society, which motivates them to take up jobs like begging. While on other hand, we push our children to take blessing from them. In just a spur of a moment, we seesaw with their status.

Transgenders aren’t any God and they don’t harbour any superpower. Just like the way they aren’t a curse. They are ordinary people like us. Just because we are a land of great mythology that doesn’t mean we will indulge in myths.

Stop seeing change as a threat. Instead of abandoning people, give them a welcoming hand. Educate them and expose them to the world, make them a part of India’s strength.

She stepped into my compartment. Our eyes met. She looked away and went about her job.

Some of us are just silent observants.