I was very young when you said that you loved me. Life was a game for me, in which I swinged to and fro without any care. Back then, if anyone asked me the meaning of love I would have replied coyly saying "having a boyfriend".

I am sorry that I involved you in the hurdles of my youth. It was because of that, I did not know that I had to lock my fingers with yours when you stretched your hand. It was because of that I did not know that the reason you took me behind a tree was to hold me and plant a kiss on my lips.

I am sorry for not looking at your eyes, when you came to see my play. I am sorry for waking till 3 at midnight and watching Shawshank, instead of calling you and talking about your dreams. I am sorry for making fun of the moustache that you purposely made out of your coffee, instead of erasing it with a kiss.

For all these while, I was blaming you for very sorrow that followed my life. But today, is the day of honesty and hence I thank you, for breaking my heart and teaching me what love is. I love you and will continue to do so forever.

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