Outside the nature was beginning a new phase. Escaping from the clutches of the sky, the sun was bouncing back to the horizon. The sky got a dash of red colour as its parting gift from the sun.
People, on the train seemed to remain oblivious of the beauty of nature. Their eyes were faithful to their cellphones. It was a conscious decision to stay away from the spell of bewitching nature. They knew that anything from the real world will affect their long term affairs with their cellphones.
While I was treating my eyes, a young boy sitting next to me started sobbing. His sobs evolved to big cries as people started turning their attention to him. His mother began shaking him and patting him. However, with everyone’s eyes on her, the responsibility of putting up a good show for their busy eyes fell on her shoulders. Then went a big blow on his cheek followed by a grave dialogue “ You stupid child. Why are you crying like a girl. Don’t you know boys are not supposed to cry.” The boy stopped. His cheeks was glowing by the touch of motherhood. He gave out a small sob before embracing his new found manliness.
From the beginning of time, men have always been bestowed with the responsibility of protecting women. They are supposed to be the tough one, devoid of compassion and feelings. No wonder, they are responsible for heinous and inhuman crimes like rape.
Most of us are vocal about women’s rights. Feminism is the hottest word of this era. In midst of all these hype, men are ignored. We do not care about their feelings and emotions. Harbouring a mentality like “only women cry” also narrows down the image of women. We should to educate ourselves to be tolerant and broad minded. We need to live and let live. Instead of setting up limitations, we need to join hands and glorify each other.
Let men express. Let them cry their hearts out. Don’t judge them for crying, instead lend them your shoulder.
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