Let’s reveal the Magic of Numbers with NumerologyAPI

Have you noticed names with repeated alphabets? I did and I know you did too. It’s so prominent in Television industry be it Bollywood, Tollywood or Hollywood. Days before a film shooting starts, the name ceremony happens. Fact is ‘Name’ is very important for any Films. They say, it’s all in the Name. Whether it will be ‘Super Flop’ ‘Super Hit’ can be predicted way behind of it’s release only by the name given to it. Did you notice how the film stars change their names to live a better career?

When I was in my teenage I used to wonder why these things are so important. What happens if they don’t add that extra ‘A’ or ‘R’ to their name? What happens if they randomly pick up a name for an upcoming movie. All is about acting right? Then what in names?

I was wrong. A lot depends on the Name. In fact the name decides the destiny of a Movie. Interesting right? But do you think, these ‘Names’ are randomly picked up. Nope, it is not. These names are results of a lot of calculation.

This magical game of numbers is known as Numerology. Everything is predicted with the hidden numbers that is there in a Name and the actual date of birth of an individual.

‘Numerology’ is game of numbers and a powerful way to predict one’s life. And the prediction needs to be accurate in order to conclude with some remedies. I have seen people referring to 13 as Unlucky, but you know what it is lucky for me. So that’s Numerology, unique in it’s own way.

In modern world, the popularity of Numerology had increased and highly in demand. With the increase in demand, traditional astrologers are also trying their hands on Numerology. Which is good but it is also time consuming?

It’s all about calculations. The complete prediction depends on the name and birth date of an individual. What if all these calculations could be Computerized and yet providing with accurate results? What if the time could be reduced? What if each predictions be unique in it’s way?

All things together would do a wonder. At least I believe. So can we find some all-in-one solution to this. Yes we can. What can be done is just to get an access to NumerologyAPI powered by AstrologyAPI. The process is very simple. You just need to visit https://goo.gl/PxL0Hh. Pick a 14 Days Trial pack as per your requirement and then you are started. Well a support team is just a message away who can always guide you how to integrate these APIs.

You need not have to be a Rocket Scientist to add Numerology to your Website or to your Mobile App. All you need is willingness. And the eagerness to grow your business.

Give that little extra thing to your customer so that they stick to you and your sites. It’s all about supply matching demand, the very basic Economics. Are you still wondering why you need to integrate NumerologyAPI to your platforms?

Well, to be precise, it will be an added feature. A feature that most of us are interested in our daily life. Moreover, all the calculations required for the prediction is also taken care by the APIs. And we will be no where present on your platform. Your client will know nothing about our partnership. So what else do you need?

Your end users just need to feed there details and complete Prediction will be generated with a single click. They will definitely be excited with this quick prediction. You can worry less from now as your clients will stay with you forever.

You know what’s best about it, the Content, which will be unique for every report that is generated. The packages are budget friendly so your pocket will also feel happy. Integration will also decrease the load on your server helping it to run quick.

Aren’t you excited yet to try? You are, right? And I heard good things should not be dragged for long. So join us in our journey of innovations.

Keep following to know more. Till then Ciao.