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I have been living in Mauritius for going to three years now. As an international student, I have been able to experience the pros and cons of the beautiful Island of Mauritius.

It is no secret that Mauritius is a beautiful country. From the weather, the food, to the people, there are a lot of interesting experiences I have gathered so far from my time living here.

If traveling to Mauritius is on your bucket list, consider these 7 useful tips about the Republic of Mauritius.

Photo by Ian Macharia on Unsplash

Sitting down in our student accommodation on Saturday evening, my friend and I (a co-host of our podcast Loud, Proud and African podcast) began talking about Tribalism and its severe effects.

To give more context, we are both African ladies, albeit from different African countries, Kenya and Nigeria; therefore, tribalism and its effects are topics we could both relate to.

However, for some reason, it was not until we left our different countries to study in another that the concept of discrimination became more profound to us.

Tribalism is simply favoritism based on one’s tribe, or as Webster defines it…

Dear Writer

A letter to my younger self

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Dear Anwuli,

Yes, you go by the name Anwuli now. You stumbled on the spelling of Joy in your native language and loved its uniqueness.

I can picture you right now you are currently 18 years, laying on the bed, staring blanking at the ceiling, filled with so much anxiety for the future.

If there was a way I could talk to you, maybe through a real-life Doctor Strange, as he was (and still is) your favorite DC character, I will do it gladly.

I will give you a hug, the hug you wish…

There is a popular saying if you can survive Nigeria, you can thrive anywhere. Here’s why.

Ayanfe Olarinde (@ayanfeolarinde) — Unsplash

Other than being one of the most populated African country, Nigeria is also a country that will constantly surprise you.

When you think you have gotten accustomed to the way of life in Nigeria, suddenly something happens and you are transported back to the frustration of being a Nigerian.

To an outsider, it will seem weird ascribing human attributes to Nigeria, but 60 years post-independence, she deserves it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Nigeria, being away from home sometimes gets me homesick, wishing…

Commonly used statements you might be saying that are fatphobic.

Photo by Huha Inc. on Unsplash

Today, I want to write about a controversial topic, fatphobia. I was not aware there was a term for it until I read this Zikoko article, which took me down memory lane of personal experiences and experiences shared by loved ones.

Growing up I was conscious of my weight, as I was surrounded with women who today will be considered thick, but back then were simply categorized as fat.

I guess we have to thank the likes of Kim Kardashian and other celebrities who made been a size 8 and above acceptable.

I was very conscious about my weight due…

My first experience with colorism within a predominantly black population.

A group of African American women taking a picture
Photo by Leighann Blackwood on Unsplash

Prior to this incident, colorism was very distant term to me. It is a term I have heard so often, however, it did not quite register to me that it will be an experience I will face, especially in an African country.

As fate will have it, I got my very first experience regarding colorism and it came from the unlikeliest of sources, my University.

Colorism as defined by dictionary. com it is differential treatment based on skin color, especially favoritism toward those with a lighter skin tone and mistreatment…


Your average Ambivert. I write about navigating law school, living as an international student, travel, and more.

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