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One of the distinctive features of Russia, which should be realized is its immensity. It seems that Moscow is removed from the Western Europe, although in fact it is located quite close to the western border of Russia. The geografical center of the country is probably Novosibirsk, espesially as Siberia occupies almost the whole eastern part of the country. Everything in Russia is wide-ranging: geography, history, passions, emotions and tragedies. This immensity is a basis of the understanding the God in Russia, which accents His greatness and reverence caused by Him. No other coseption of the divine would not find a respond in such a huge country. Similarly, talking about emotions, everything tends to immensity. For people, raised in much more restrain culture, Dostoevsky’s characters seem monstrous, ridiculous eccentrics, however, the writer claimed that they quite meet the reality. Just few of those, who lived in Russia would argue with it.

Russia has centuries old history, which is a pride of the country. The country had accepted Christianity before America was explored, that’s why messianic claims appear in its self- sentiment. They were noticable in the epoch of Marxism when Russia, confident of her national selectness, was giving the absolute truth to the world. Nevertheless, all these claims have a long history, and it has its beginning in the famous prophecy that Moscow became a successor of the divine mission, which had belonged to Rome, then Bysantium:» Two Romes have fallen, the third is right now, and there will be no forth». That’s why a man, who comes to Russia first time, will be wise if he respects this country.

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