How Procurement Technology Affects Relationships
Bertrand Maltaverne

Do I sense some anger here, Bertrand? ;)

I agree in the respect that technology is taking over our lives. If I can’t find my phone within about 10 secondss I break out in a small sweat!

However, I know that Market Dojo’s eSourcing software is built to make procurement people’s lives easier and where it is not possible to meet F2F, for example across different continents, the technology facilitates relationships that may never have happened otherwise.

I can’t speak for other tools, but within Market Dojo, there is a messaging facility allowing direct communication with suppliers at all times.

There has been research by University of West England proving that the use of eAuctions actually helps improve supplier relationships (contrary to popular belief!)

In everyday life, I do agree, sometimes we just need to put our phones down and speak to each other. :)