9/11 i was too young but i won’t forget.

17 year ago the tragical event have happend and it changed our world forever. today, in our english class, we were talking about it a lot. there was a question ‘why do the terrorists are doing things like that?’ i wasn’t active because i didn’t know the answer. i was thinking about it a lot (i’m not good at thinking tho). so i’ve made a conclusion that nobody actually knows. like i guess the terrorists are kinda living in their own world with different rules so we’ll never know about it more than we do now. yeah i know it’s so complicated but they have THEIR OWN vision and this is how ISIS people are used to living. i completely understand this is not an excuse at all but i guess here is the thing : this kind of questions are called eternal ones so we’ll never know the REAL answer.

also i wanted to pay a tribute to all the victims in here, my blog (it all starts from just a blog, right?)

we are still here. we are remember each person who died that day. we are remember. we won’t forget. God bless America. i hope one day i’ll be able to pay a tribute there. love always wins

best regards,

the citizen of this world

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