WHAT??! 10 DAYS??

wow this is the 10th day for me and my classmates as a students(tomorrow).we’ve learned A LOT.

we are so lucky we have a chance to work with ms. B. you are such an inspiration ms.B! thank you for your energy and professional skills!

soooo it is :

10 days of learning phonetic alphabet and trying to understand the difference between a lot of similar sounds

10 days of ‘i don’t know where to go’ or ‘where we are?’ ‘which building?’ ‘what floor is it?’

10 days of exploring our amazing uni (we’ve been at uni’s museum, visited all libraries– like the nerds we are )

10 days of hard work? i hope so i dunno.

10 days of understanding its only a beginning

10 days and i’m already like:

(just kidding..maybe)

10 days of discussing important things (e.g. 9/11 and terrorism)

and some of the coolest things i’ve never done before and i’m so grateful for this 10 days. issa true issa fact 🤙🏻☝🏻

ps. the only photo i can post is our schedule. and loads of screenshots i did when i used a dictionary. (here’s only 2 because like who posts hundreds of screenshots, right?)



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