As has been done by our ancestors, we’ll show these playlists to our offspring and say: These songs are about a place that you will never go to. These places don’t exist anymore.
As Cities Change Rapidly, the Songs Stay the Same
Alex Teplitzky

And then can you imagine what these songs would do to them? They will be nostalgic for places they have never been to, for vibes they have never felt, for a present that is not their’s.

I think songs are really good at evoking nostalgia for things you haven’t experienced; essentially, this song-nostalgia is basically just feeling the nostalgia of the artist…

Music drags you into the mind of the artist, and if the artist is nostalgic for something, you’re nostalgic for that thing too, and if they are from the past — you kinda want to go back to that past, even if it isnt even your past..

I cant tell if this is self-transcendance or just a tiny bit fucked up

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