Joey is the goofball. Chandler is the sarcastic one. Monica is obsessive-compulsive.
How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization
David Hopkins

And what makes you say that the “goofball,” the “sarcastic one,” “the hippie,” “the obsessive-compulsive”and the airhead who “likes to shop” are not smart, are not intellectual? The crux of this article, that Ross is the smart guy who gets booed down by his dumb friends, that he is the intellectual one — somehow superior to the rest of his group — is just so shockingly wrong.

To say that there is only one kind of intellectualism (the scholar who wont stop using big words type- like Ross) is ignoring all the other types of smarts there is.

This sitcom is not an assault on the nerd, because each and every one of the characters was a nerd abut different things —all of them could have (and did) rant excitedly about things they were passionate about, Joey about acting, Phoebe about something different every season, and Monica about cooking… The fact that Ross was considered boring was because he talked about what he was passionate about with no regard to his friends, no thought of whether they would understand what he was saying or not (the fact that they didn’t understand was acceptable because Paleanthology is not really a common subject, is it?) — he was so egotistic that he wasn’t even people-friendly. If you watch closely, all the others tried to be inclusive and understanding when they were on their rants of passion.

TL;DR Each one of the “Friends” was passionate in her/his own way. Ross’ egotism prevented his passion for his subject to translate to his friends, thus the booing.

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