Sudden Dialogue Practice

A quotation-less conversation between Leian and Estara (Legend of Wings) which I made in 20 minutes about 20 minutes ago.

Hey. I was wondering… what does it feel like to fly… I never tried it before. I mean, I never tried to use my wings. Is there a trick to it?

Yeah. You have to believe you can.

That’s it?

…Mostly. Yeah.

You make no sense, Leian.

The wings don’t really beat, it’s the air which alters to allow you to keep yourself aloft. That’s the difference, but you have to tell the air that with your heart. It won’t work otherwise. You have to put your trust in the air. It takes confidence. Awareness.

So that’s it?


…No. That’s exactly it.

That sounds so simple. Why wasn’t I taught that…

Because no crown princess has had wings before. The Tokena line was a half-breed between Devians and Feians. That mix tainted the blood connection with the winds of this… island… and the resulting child from the main tribe elderess was decided to be a symbol of the two race’s merging. Your bloodline has been purified of Devian taint. There are no more fires in you. It’s just the breeze now.

That’s poetic.

No, it’s truth. It’s what I read all day… when I’m not babysitting you.

No fair.

You were the one asking childish questions. You could’ve asked anyone.

I’m only allowed to talk to you.

…I still don’t get that.

It’s been three years. What aren’t you getting about it?

The compact which makes you only talk to me about Feian ancestry. It’s deceptive.

Why’s that?

I’m… I don’t even know who my parents are. How am I supposed to pass knowledge of things I don’t even have…

Memories of?



Hey! Don’t use my name.

Heh… and don’t make that face. Your cheeks might stay like that.


…No. Lei.


…You don’t change much. Your parents must’ve been really pretty for you to stay so young-looking.

What do you mean?

Aren’t you twelve years older than I am?

You’re thirteen, right?

Yes yes.


…Come on. Tell me. Tell me.

I guess I am getting old.

You don’t look old! That’s what I’m saying~! You look like you’re about to turn into an adult, but stopped short!

Are you jealous?

What’s with that mocking smirk? Wipe it off.


I’m not jealous if all full-blood Feians do it!

No, I don’t think I’ve seen… well… I should look into that. That might bear information.


…You don’t know why you’re so young-looking?


Are you even listening anymore?

…Twenty-five is still young… maybe I do have good blood…

Hey! Listen!

Hey! Hey!

What, Princess!?


Why are you surprised I yelled? You’re annoying me on purpose. And stop making that face!

Don’t tell me what to do!

You’re still making that face! There’s no reason for it. You’re who made me think of my job.


…ugh… I’m going to bed.

Hey! It’s not the end of your shift yet! It’s not even time to go to bed.

I hate babysitting you, princess. You’re not even a child anymore.

Of course I am! I’m thirteen.

I only got my wings 3 years ago… maturity for Feians is seventeen, isn’t it?

…Right. Sorry. I just… I grew up too soon.

…It’s alright.

I don’t need to be consoled. I just figured you’d prefer if you had some some more privacy.

I don’t get that. Your job is to be here regardless of whether I want privacy or not.

And you listen to such orders?

Of course. It’s in the best interest of the kingdom that I learn Feian culture. That means I need to always have a Feian around who’s studying it.

Why are you telling me what my job is?

Because you seemed to have forgotten the order. You’re a master in the lore, and your job is to teach me that lore as you learn it. And you’re supposed to help teach me how to transcribe, but sometimes I don’t even see you for a season because you travel to make sure what you’ve read is accurate… and I get lonely waiting.

Lonely, huh?

I start wondering what you’re finding out. What you’ve seen, who you’ve met… I always hope you’ll come back excited, and tell me these things, you know? You never seem excited when I see you after those times, but I know you love your… job…


Good night, princess.

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