The Rich (and “Smart”) Against The Poor (and “Dumb”) Is A Misconception.

This is another stream of thought post, so I apologize for awkward wording, somehow illogical reasoning, or wrong words periodically. Thanks so much for understanding.

The world’s education is lackluster on purpose, and I believe we could learn from history why education is not being paid attention to. Especially in a political sense, it’s because those who have only known power and fear its loss understand that it is easier to control the ignorant to maintain that power. But it isn’t that they all realize this, it is because most of the rich lack context of what actually happens to the poor, and so inherently believe we are stupider than they are. This is sometimes assumed because of the lack of money, and indeed it is. But, counter-intuitively, the rich believe that because you never owned it, it must mean that you aren’t smart enough to deserve it. Backwards logic.

And it gets even more confusing. Because the rich believe that the poor are stupid because they lack drive to improve themselves (which requires money to do), the rich misconstrue the situation, and see the resulting depression and stress from those lack of funds as if they are self-inflicted. As such, they see any kind of hand-out to fix their situation as futile since the poor will use it to relieve these symptoms instead of divert it to improving themselves (of which relieving stress and depression is).

Though they might not realize it, the rich also know that it is easier to control someone if they’re sick and reliant on another’s care, but they look at it as if the the poor are sick because they don’t know how to take care of themselves and so eat bad food and don’t exercise regardless whether they have time or money to divert to these efforts. The rich blame them in a way which makes the rich believe they are better suited to tell them what to do.

It is also easier to control someone if they need to work to eat. The rich interpret this as a necessary evil. There are those who are at the bottom which must do the dirty work and be paid dirty wages to compensate even if those jobs are necessary and integral to the infrastructure to function. This is the way that the rich interpret as if only the stupid fall into that hole since such jobs usually don’t require much education to fall into in the first place. It is balanced by that illogical comparison and then coupled with the assumption that such people live meager lives and thus don’t need much money to live.

Compounding, it’s easier to control someone if you’re the one with the power, and it’s easy to deny their control if you control all their resources. But it is, overall, two snakes eating each other — if you don’t educate individuals, you will create a nation which elects uneducated individuals. And, hate to say this so bluntly, but if you’re rich, and have always been rich, you don’t know what a poor person’s mindset is. You don’t know what mental states they went through, what kind of stress relief they needed in the form of drugs or entertainment after their menial job. You don’t know how difficult it could be for them to handle their health when all they could afford was fast or processed food.

Maybe I am being a little too stately which so much here, but… just as it is difficult for me to know what the rich think, I know, because I am not rich, that they have no clue how I think. It is because of that, and because I am educated, and because of how they treat the very people who put them in power, that I have a good idea what they believe… at least those who fall into the fallacies that stupidity is a permanent mental condition that can’t be fixed.

I refuse to believe that those who are in power are aware enough to be cruel. I think they are merely as ignorant of our position as we are of theirs.

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