Friend me, friend me not

When I was a kid; when three musketeers were my pop-icons, career views or at least future husbands (Aramis); when I hid color glass pieces and glossy stones in a pocket of my jumpsuit… I thought that friendship inevitably lasts forever. Till deathless death. Like love (in the midst of my college times I got that both don’t). Nobody said me that friend can be not only THE BEST but:

friends from childhood (with whom you have nothing in common for now except sweet (but so sweet!) moments to reminisce with a glass of chardonnay once you’re in your hometown.

friends from work with whom you’re every day on the same battlefield and, taking to consideration friendship conditions, you guys have a lot to discuss and cut to pieces with a same glass of chardonnay too.

friends who are better than you, more successful, full of beans, talented as hell so you need to make peace with own mediocrity, and to take from their presence something important what could make you much better person.

Well, keep making list! 
a couple of friends for good times to live in idleness, spend money on innovative ginger soap and Adidas in pink neon color.

friends for dark times who will take you, Miss Pouring rain with sorrowful eyes, somewhere at a bar to meet up with Jack and Jonnie or to a night club to turn your timidness into (oh, some things are not meant to be said out loud).

a friend who nobody knows. Because they could be like misfits for your regular company (jerk from the neighborhood? or prim and proper old lady from your courses of Spanish?)But for you, they’re trustworthy and interesting characters who fills your secret inner gaps.

So what, who is going to say that these friends are not friends? And this aforementioned types friendship is not genuine? Don’t you feel happy, easy, or fulfilled with them? So here it is, what friend means — person whom you feel good with. It’s like with philology — we try to grasp hidden supreme sense of this science, but greeks put it directly into name — “love to words”.

Yes, friendship is not only to swap dress and to giggle — as in every kind of relationships you both need to look in the same direction, no matter is a plan of сonquesting of the world or victory in class “Best sandwich” competition. You both need to feel comfortable in the same coat. But right here, right now you feel great together so it’s ok, it’s totally ok not to have one friend throughout the life as in black and white movies and book for youngsters but has a cool bunch of them: so different, so motley, so marvelous!

But….. Honestly if to talk whom I would call best right here right now I would have only one criterion — somebody who’ll run to rescue you in the middle of the darkest night from the other part of the world. And usually exactly this type of friendship don’t need everyday proofings in messengers — but one big hug once we meet in the airport.