Places which I’ll miss once I leave Saint-P

Food guide for a one perfect day in the beloved city

Clean plates society Cafe
We’re all armed with more than enough information on how to spend a city break in Saint-Petersburg. But here is my own list of the perfect day for a foodie.
Summer provides the perfect opportunity to stroll around and make a pit stops in your go-to places. So I listed a pocketful of my favs to share and frankly speaking I’ve made this list for myself too: sweet spots of an ideal Sunday. Or Monday. Or-any-other-day.

I always can’t get enough of breakfast so I wish I could do it twice! Morning is the blessed part of the day that I usually sleep over so here my perfect scenario with two breakfast turns up (let’s pretend that today I’m an early riser). The first one like a pre-breakfast and another one like a big late breakfast in the city.

8.30 am: Pre-breakfast

Cake and breakfast

It’s not usual for me to meet a friend for breakfast at 8 am, so here will be me-time-only to organize own thoughts, to make a plan of doing nothing and to meditate with the first cup of flawless coffee.

Flat white.

11 am: Breakfast

Clean plates society Cafe

Rules of four in the action — breakfast should be Long Lazy Late and ya, Lovely. Society of Clean Plates is one of my all-time favorite spots in the city. Once I’ll come there in the morning and book that perfect big dining table next to the window, surrounded by greens and drenched with the sun. That table is too big for one so I’ll sit there with my (virtual) friends and will enjoy half of the positions of the breakfast menu till I’m full and the sun is high in the sky. For me, SOCP is a win-win choice for every part of the day and every time here I’m taking multi eating to a whole new level.


14.30 pm: Lunch

Bonch Coffee Bar

Here in Bonch I usually predictable as hell and take the same — whole-grain bread sandwich with a turkey, killing combo of pear slices, brie cheese, and fancy berry sauce. It works perfectly for me with rosemary latte but I swear that all other positions in the menu (hello, carry soup with shrimps!) and in the coffee list are provenly perfect. Sometimes I have a hard time resisting desserts in Bonch but if I do I choose a lemon cream with ginger cookies or cranberry jelly with pistachios.
I’ve never been in NYC (what is definitely the big dream of mine) but in my imagination, Bonch looks like an absolutely Manhattan style café.

Turkey sandwich+dessert.

Street food break up

Pita’s Street food and Bar

There is nothing better for making the tiredness melt away here in Pitas with a high bowl of lemonade and falafel wrap with beetroot and feta cheese. Initially, it was a secret spot to meet up with friends, do freelance and just sit and breath after long exhausting day. And I’m glad that Pita’s food as delightful now as it was a couple of years ago at their very first cafe.

Falafel wrap+lemonade.

7 pm: Dinner

Prosto Vino Wine Bar

Due to a variety of wines and elegant menu, my first place for dine and wine goes to Prosto Vino. Even if you are a rookie in choosing between red and white you’ll get a professional piece of advice that not only big wine freak will understand but a normal human.

Smoked carrot cream soup+salad with poached egg, baked zucchini and dried tomatoes+glass of Shiraz.

It sounds incredible, it tastes terrific, it conquers your heart right away with no warning.

9 pm: Bar-time

Lately, I’m bad in dealing with alcohol. I wouldn’t call myself a sucker for the healthy life but I do care about what I do and don’t feel like I’m deprived of something. Anyway I amassed a huge experience for the years in Saint-P and here my top-list for the end of the day:

Whiskey sour in “Hat”
Basil shots in “Pif-Paf”
Lemon cake in “Mishka”
and Boyarsky shot drink in a random bar.

After you know — taxi, sweet home and deep sleep with night dream about best city in the world that you were lucky to spend your day full of carbs and happiness