Sharing with the World: Good or Bad Change in Social Media

The problem with the new Internet and forms of social media is that everyone has a voice. But is this really a problem? The people who were once the audience now have the ability to post their own news and opinion on ideas. Freedom of Speech is extremely important to people these days. They want to be able to tell people what they think and what they believe. The problem with the Internet is that they can now do this anonymously.

The problem with anonymity is that the people who are now posting feel that they can say whatever they want not matter how hurtful, racist, and even wrong their statement is. Now the question has shifted to whether or not people should be able to post whatever they want whenever they want. I found it interesting that there was such an abundance of hate towards women in one of the videos we had to watch for class. Due to all these new writers and publishers the people who owned the social media companies were now put in an interesting position. They were being asked to control the information that is put out in the Internet. They were asked to control the comments that were being anonymously posted because they ridiculed or hurt the person who had initially posted the information.

This led to more problems. Should the owners of these be able to censor the information? In the beginning people believed that they should. But once one company decided that it was not ethical and against our rights to censor one’s voice. Once this one company acted against the censorship their support increased. By the end of the blackout more people agreed that their voices should not be censored.

This new active audiences led to voices that people began to have online, through social media, and on these new information websites. One video explained that each active audience member created his or her own dialect or “accent” in a way. Each person posting spoke, or wrote in this case, in a specific way that made them unique from everyone else. This idea of a new active audience shows how much our world is changing with each new form of new media. With each new wave of social media came new responsibilities along with new opportunities. People took advantage of these new opportunities. In one sense these new opportunists were abused but for the most part they could be seen as privileges. Being able to post your opinion about everything was new and definitely new in a good way. Now there was an abundance of new information that everyone had access to.

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