What Constitutes Copyright

This weeks reading was regarding copyright and what pertains to free use. I thought I knew the idea of copyright and the rules behind it. I have obviously taken music off the Internet illegally and even watched a few movies illegally. I did not realize the amount of work companies go through in order to stop this copy infringement. The question is, is it truly copy infringement? These videos argue the fact that everyone and all businesses steal ideas and use them. So if these companies that sue for their copyrights, also use other companies work, are they also responsible for copy infringement?

What I learned from these videos is that the line of copyright is extremely blurry. Everyone is responsible for illegally using someone else’s idea. Some of the videos argue that this is a way of showing one’s creativity. Taking other music, clips, or sayings and using it to create your own version of art should not be considered copy infringement. Even big businesses and big directors take ideas from previous films and recreate their own films. With the creation of the Internet came a way to share ideas, interests, and creations. Some companies see using less than thirty seconds of their creation copy infringement. The way I see it is unless it is completely copied and there is no difference in creation then is it truly copy infringement?

Every single day we listen to or use something or an idea that we did not create our own and unless we paid for that idea or thing we are technically committing a crime. Should we all be sued or thrown in jail because we have listened or used someone else’s idea for a few minutes? I agree that if the artist doesn’t profit off of the music or idea they created than the Internet or government will. I do not agree that they should be able to and I would like to see the artist always profit off of their creation but I don’t think that everyone should penalized for using some of what they created. We live in a society where sharing is everywhere. Our society has become extremely public and people enjoy showing other people what they have created and accomplished. Almost everything is shared through the Internet and especially on social media. In a society like this today is it truly fair to accuse people of copyright infringement? The point of sharing information seems to be so that people can read it and use that information. Now those people are being punished for using what is publically out there. Today, all information is made public that’s just the way society is. If the information is readily available it should be able to be used whenever.

I found it interesting that Disney sued a man for using Mickey Mouse drawings for something other than Disney products. But that same company created a book on how to draw the perfect Mickey Mouse. This idea of copyright infringement and what constitutes infringement will forever be blurred. No one enjoys someone taking there work but if they use it in a positive way and to create their own idea of art than it should not be seen as such a bad thing.

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