The benefits of professionally planned and organized daily tasks at Andela

By Richard

Have you ever wondered why few people excel while majority fails or are struggling even on similar tasks? Don’t be surprise to realize the simple logical trick yet powerful enough to propel those few fellows to succeed. Well spare you time to read on as I share with you the trick I have discovered over the past few days in SLC that makes Andelanean’s all successful.

It was Monday July 3, 2017 at about 9:30 am when the first hangout meeting started just like in most reputable organizations to have an orientation session for new entrants for purposes of familiarizing and setting out straight the rules, norms, believes and procedures etc. of the organization as well as expectations. Although I was in the field on duty with visitors, I could not withstand the chance of missing out on the meeting; so I had to search for a location with a fair internet connection on my phone so that though with on and off connection, I could still catch up with the discussion that lasted for more than an hour. It was a marvelous first time experience with Andela community led by our LFA Sam who has really mastered the art of technology for collaboration regardless of the model or form factor yet remotely.

It started with a simple self introduction of team members and then proceeded to the general overview of week 1 and how the business of the week shall be conducted, pointing out clearly the roles of team members, how it contributes to the overall team’s success and guided us on the daily feedback process at Andela using some designed excel file format before opening the forum for discussion. Team members sought clarifications on pertinent issues that were not well understood including anticipated challenges due to conflicting assignments as well as time schedule for submitting Bootcamp assignment. Our LFA shared about a number of collaborative tools like trello board, Gitter, Github, medium etc and how one can access those tools going forward before unleashing Day1 assignment that engaged the first gear of the week for team members to start showcasing what they are made of.

With the brief background out of the way comes the simple logical success trick instilled in the Andelaneans’ which almost rotates around the above mentioned collaborative and feedback tools. The master planner or the todo list tool trello board starts off the magic by allowing every team member to have his/her tasks arranged by days from day1 through day5 or so, clearly listing the items and provision to tick completed tasks making it easy to track and evaluate accomplishment on daily basis.

Completed assignments or tasks are then pushed or uploaded to Github the version control platform adapted by Andela to facilitate collaboration of team members on improving each other’s work with the Andela magic eye and technical skills set for debugging and correcting errors which can easily be merged at a later stage when the quality of everything have been professionally approved.

As the teams collaborate and support each other, communication becomes paramount in achieving that hence Gitter comes in handy to provide the communication platform through which constant mentoring and support by both peers and LFAs takes place every second that ticks including sharing of resources like online links which one can easily navigate to as a reference and immediately incorporate the ideas to solve the task at hand.

The lists of tools to facilitate the art of software development is endless with the Andela community, all one has to do as a new fellow is to focus on the mastery of each tool and knowing when, where, and for what purposes to use them.

With these plenty of tools to choose from, the simple magic I discovered for Andelanean’s success lies with the well planned and organized ways of doing work. You may have all you need to accomplish any task but if you can’t planned tasks and organize processes with the necessary resources needed, you will never ever succeed. From trello board to Github and other supporting tools like IDEs etc. to Gitter and finally to mastery of all these tools including the processes to me is the simple logical magic of Andela success story so far I have identified and yet to discover more as I push forward with Bootcamp after which I promise myself to be a totally different person whether technically or otherwise and then continue with where the journey will take me.


Successes only come when you have discovered or innovated and mastered your simple magic trick, regardless of what you do or your professional affiliations may be. This simple act of planning and organizing your tasks along with the processes could earn you your dream or even achieve bigger. As I concentrate on this journey of mastering all that comes my way through out this Boot camp opportunity even beyond, how I wish you the readers of this post like me could do the same and don’t forget to remember the contribution of the author of this post when you cross beyond the finish line.