When You exist beyond a Social Network

These days it’s a challenge to Google anyone.

Anytime I find someone of interest on Instagram or Facebook and turn to Google to further my research I come up short.

I find nothing but the social media page they originated from.

It baffles me always.

That people don’t exist beyond their social medias.

That there is even a world outside of Twitter and snapchat is amazing.

There’s a girl I know who posts about a clothing brand she owns. Her brand name changes often. Her handle comes and goes. And yet on Google she is no where. Her follower count contained to a single application.

On Google she is no one.

But her importance shines so bright I think to myself as I lie in darkness trying to figure out my own importance.

Our existence is more than hashtags and likes and yet it feels like the world.

It is easy to say, “that doesn’t matter to me,” but it does because until I can find myself on Google, this network is all that exists of me.

But when you exist beyond your social network, you exist.

And existing is a lonely network.

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