The Assemble Series!

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2 min readSep 1, 2022


AnyCivilization Game proudly presents the Assemble Series!

Offering advanced in-game areas of its kind, Assemble Series draws attention with the privileges it offers to its owners. Players who own the Assemble Series can access commercial channel titles, more qualified missions and operating rights in the in-game mechanism. The Montage Rights are granted by AnyCivilization Game and are sealed by the meta agreement between the game and the players.

Assemble Series Fundamental Rights;

  • Assemble owner can create a company within AnyC. Firms are limited to 10 people. The CEO can distribute tasks within the company with in-game professional licenses. Can partner with AnyC on commercial channels. It distributes the earnings in the business lines to the players within the company through the company.
  • The CEO can collect units. He can act as a commanding institution in battles and transfer command ownership to another player within the company.
  • The CEO may decide on internal purchases and sales. The company can control the money in the pool. He can transfer the company, close it.
  • The Assemble Series qualifies for a title guaranteed by the AnyCivilization Game, is recognized by the players, and Assemble owners also enjoy privileges in non-game activities.


On September 08, 2022 AnyCivilization Game will release details on how to purchase the Assemble Series in the upcoming NFT Sale. The sale will be managed as fairly as possible, on a first come first served basis. Only 1 ASSEMBLE NFT can be purchased by a wallet address at a time. This will ensure that the sale is as fair as possible.

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