Clarified: The maturity climb

Sep 8, 2018 · 1 min read

Three stages: Immaturity, the climb & Maturity

Marked by: Compliance, Subjectivity, revenge

  • Blames world for problems
  • Scorns others’ efforts
  • Assumes the worst in everyone
  • Is afraid
  • Focuses on differences
  • Tells
  • Asks
  • Can’t admit responsiblity
  • Has to be right
  • Sees no flaws
  • Obsessed with status
  • Thigk it’s about age
  • Entitled
  • Takes everything personally
  • Knows everything
  • Takes out problems on others

The climb

  • Scorns indolence
  • Does it anyway
  • Wants to fix them
  • Obsessed with questioning
  • Knows that it bloody well isn’t
  • Is built for climb

Marked by: Self control, objection, prevention, empathy

  • Wants to help
  • Focuses on having friends
  • Blames self for world
  • Assumes as little as possible
  • Respects others intelligence
  • Obsessed with facts
  • Talks out problems with others
  • Knows nothing
  • Understands
  • Grateful
  • Isn’t afraid to fall
  • Knows limits
  • Listens




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