Summarized: How Donald Trump Answers A Question

Sep 7, 2018 · 1 min read

Average politician are constantly aware that their words will be scrutinized and used against them, Trump disregards this attitude. Being businessman, Trump sells his ideas.

  • He uses words that are simple, and he will repeat the key words constantly.
  • Majority of the words are one syllable words.
  • The word sequence in the sentence are rhythmic, which will end with his signature buzzwords, or keywords.
  • He will swallow or say the long syllable words rather silently.
  • According Flesch-kinclaid reading test (a test to determine the grade level ranking of speech), he scored at 4th grade level speech.
  • He will use simple sentences more often rather than complex or compound sentences.
  • Addresses people in second person in almost in a commanding fashion.
  • Implicate the listener as if they are agreeing.
  • Ends sentence with strong punch like keywords, even to the extent of rearranging the sentence construction in an awkward way to deliver the keyword in the finale of the sentence.
  • Repeats his idea constantly. Repeats his keywords constantly
  • Even if he is insulting someone, he will make a show that those people are his friends and they appreciate them for insulting them.
  • He is aware when he needs strategically forceful or even comedic.

Author of the video: Nerdwriter1

Duration: 6:53


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