Summarized: Jordan Peterson on how to make your 5 years more successful

Aug 30, 2018 · 2 min read

Real studying

Studying is not defined by the related acts such as going and sitting in a libarary. Study defined as truly focused concetration. Now ask yourself how long do you really study.

Define a hell and heaven version of your future

Define the acts you have to do to reach to your ideal version of future. Define your optimistic version of future in to several categories. And now create abstract what happens if you don’t succeed in acheieving your goals, which is your “Hell version” of your future. Now you have both a positive and a negative motivator working for you to reach your goals.

Thing that you care about

Actions Necessary

Failure to comply = HELL

Success complying = Heaven

It’s better to confront your dark side, than confronting others

You should confront your dark side as it is not only the easier path, but also the most powerful one. It is difficult to change others and have their change be beneficial to you. Confron your problems first. Follow these rules-

  • Stop saying things that makes you look weak
  • Stop saying lies that you know to be lies
  • Stop doing things that you know are counter productive
  • Aim high in your life
  • Adopt some reponsibilities

Becoming a monster

You should be a “Positive monster”, the one who gives “No” for answer for the things he don’t want to be part of. Becoming this “Monster” makes people to take you seriously. You don’t have the strength of character unless you can say “NO” which illustrates your power to put up a fight. A postive monster does not get -

  • Pushed into agreement through argument
  • Guilts himself for creating conflcting

Not naive but formidable, fierce, holds his ground.

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