Racial Demographic Map of Baltimore, Maryland captured from demographics.coopercenter.org

Divided By the Light

This is Baltimore, Land of Pleasant Living

We’re told to “BELIEVE” in the

‘City that Reads’

Edmondson and Hilton, bench at the bus stop

reads ‘The Greatest City In America’ and

The night Block is hot in the city of the blue light

On 36th Street, It’s Charm City

O’s flag flying on a car with a Ravens tag

And the rebel flag hangs just off the main drag

Welcome to Mobtown where

Annapolis took away the Red Line

Disconnected the city from Security and the

Eastside. South of Fayette

East of President

Past the boarded house in need of replenishment

Clipper City, Ravenstown

Not far from the crown, talking bodies down

Park Heights Avenue

This is Bodymore but

Not Preakness weekend

When stakes is high for money and the Golden Eye

The Mayor wants you to “Get In On It”

Stick around, come through

But Haystack was unfit for a broken establishment

That wants to sell garages to build

Community centers in a city where jails are filled

Broken public transportation

In a city defined by segregation

Ain’t that America?

Policies misguided

Living in a city

By the white divided.

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