Storytelling on Millennials

Millennials are the people who are reaching young adulthood. In my opinion, our generation have different storytelling expectations than previous generations due to the rapid change in technology and the use of social media. Our generation expects the storytelling to be more interesting, fashionable and more relatable. Nowadays, it is so much easier for different brands to connect with their consumers and the world with different media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. However, at the same time, as the competition increases among different brands, it becomes harder for the companies to grab the audiences’ attentions. As younger generations, the stories that are the most appealing to people in my age group are the stories that we can easily relate to and benefit from. Any article and advertisement shared via social media will most likely get the most attention too.

I do agree that our personality and generation could both be very important factors when choosing particular stories. Personally, I am a very emotional person, so stories that have emotions involved are more likely to grab my attention. For example, the commercial of Ups published two years ago “Your Wishes Delivered: Driver for a Day” melted my heart. I find this ad appealing because it is different from any other ordinary commercials. As we discussed in class, the best commercials are innovative but also do not contain clichés such as “…in every boy’s life…” “The most important…of his life.” This ad perfectly tells a story about a four-year-old little boy who formed a strong connection with his local delivery driver, he would wait for the arrivals of the driver and the delivery. As they started to spend more time together, the little boy realized that his dream was to become a delivery driver too and made a difference in people. This commercial really touched me because when the boy was driving his mini brown truck down the road to send out packages, it just melted my heart. The way this story was told was amazing and made me smile. Throughout the whole ad, it didn’t have any cliché such as: Being as a delivery driver has always been his dream, or having the dream came true meant so much for him…The ad didn’t have any explanation. Instead, it used the simplest way to tell an extraordinary lovely story of a young boy achieving his dream. From my point of view, the emotion is the key that grabs our attention because most of us will find it relatable somehow.