Configurable Catalog Extension to shop configurable products with product information at once

When it comes to shop on eCommerce store, no doubt consumers have to spend their time to choose particular product and its information. And, if it is about shopping for configurable products, one has to navigate product information by accessing product detail page.

Well, for the Magneto eCommerce store owners, Configurable Catalog is the most advantageous Magento extension allowing customers to choose product variant and get product details on the product listing page. With such functionality, no need to spend extra time to find any information on product detail page.

From updated product price to size, color and manufacturer detail; all can be found from the drop down button close to the product. Further, product can be added to the cart directly from the product listing page.

Extension Feature List

· Allows choosing configurable product’s variant directly from the product listing page and can be added to cart

· Allows choosing product variants directly even from search result page & can be added to cart

· No need to navigate the product detail page thus saves browsing time

The configurable catalog extension, all in all, is a quick way solution to get configurable product information without browsing the extra pages. It makes your Magento eCommerce store as an easily navigational platform to shop.

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