Week seven

First State of the Nation Address of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte:

“I assure you, it will be a clean government.”

The newly-elected president delivered his speech for SONA 2016 last July 25, 2016 in Batasan, Quezon City. It is attended by public figures and well-known personalities.

The president is really determined on clearing the illegal drugs here on the Philippines, he gave the full authority to the officials who’s in charge with the operation, the Operation Tukhang. He also gave warning to those who’ll abuse their power or who will be involved in any illegal activities, for President Duterte, there will be hell to punish. We can see the will of our president in fulfilling the promises he said to his people.

Next in line, is the development of needs of his countrymen. He want to improve the security of the Philippines that’s why he is proposing partnerships with other countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia to suppress the kidnappings in the waters of our neighboring countries. The threat of Abu Sayaf to our country gave reason to our president to strengthen the AFP for the protection of his fellows. He also said that let us strengthen the ROTC program to promote the valuing of our country, but ROTC also promotes the readiness of the cadets in battling for the Philippines.

As the president, he is indeed oblige to develop our economy, and one of his way is increasing support in agricultural sector and lowering the tax. He also mentioned a nationwide analysis of soil for determining areas that is suitable for rice farming to optimize the production. Another way is the developing of roads for the field of tourism in our country, in a way that it won’t affect the agricultural sector. He will also enforce fisheries to know the laws to avoid illegal fishing and protect our aquaculture. President Duterte addresses the solutions to stop Global Warming but not affecting the industrialization that helps the Philippines to become a better country.

Our president wants to end his term in peace and order. He want a more successful country after six years that is why he is full of effort in terminating the depravity in the Philippines. I see the love and sincerity of our newly-elected president in his country on what he is saying, hoping you will do this all. I believe that after six years, Philippines will change…..for the better.