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2 points

  1. When is somebody going to prosecute the police unions/associations/whatever under the RICO statutes for trying to use fear, abuse and government authority to harass, intimidiate, beat and murder citizens whenever a dirty, abusive, incompetent cop is called out by citizens. They all are. Any cop who knows of a dirty cop or crime by a cop who does not call it out is just as dirty as the criminal in blue)
  2. When are the special legal protections for the criminals in blue as written by their associations going to throw out by a court. If a citizen is arrested they should have same rights as a cop. No statements, or questioning, taken for at least 24 hrs after the event ( more in some jurisdictions) the right to read and analyze the cops statements before they prepare their own statement. The list goes on of special protections for these snowflakes with guns.
  3. Theorically this is suppose to be a nation of equal protection, and treatment, of all under the law. These continued special protections that the killers in blue have make a joke of that.
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