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I am unsure as to whether comrade drumpf has an “absolute” power to declassify information on the fly so to speak.

Reason I say this is that I remember when Pres. Carter was in a budget fight over continued funding for the B-1 bomber that at one point, in public debate, he stated that the B-1 was unnecessary since by the time it became operational the US would have a Stealth bomber that would be operational and more effective ( he was, like so many times, right. After addled ronnie raygun and his merry band of spendthrifts poured billions more into the B-1 during the 1st Gulf war the B-1’s were grounded because of technical problems — cracks in fan blades?- plus they could not deliver conventional bombs only nuclear)

After the thuglicans melt down and cries for impeachment I believe they passed ( perhaps only in one house?) what I call a Dornan amendment from b-1 bob dornan, as insane an individual as anyone would care to meet, that laid out procedures that a president would have to go through before he could de-classify information.

Would be interesting to reach back to those pre internet days and rerun some of the thuglicans comments about Presidents leaking information.

Difference Carter told the american people what the pentagon were wasting their money in an effort to be fiscally prudent while comrade drumpf used it to burn a source and inflate his ego while leaking to a competitor.

Informing the american people one an internal project v. Spilling the beans to an avowed oppenent while burning a source.

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