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Two points.

First if they are “christians” quote from the New testament and the new emphasis on love rather then the traditional view of the old testament god of vengeance. Cite the Beautitudes not the 10 commandments. If you wish to base religion on the old ( Jewish) bible convert to Judaism otherwise cease and desist claiming the cloak of christianity if preponderance of citations come from old testament.

Two this idea that so called ‘christianity” thats revels in worldly wealth and chooses to see that wealth as a symbol of gods blessing goes back to at least the puritans of New England who forgave the sins of the wealthy because since they were wealthy they were “godly” because they were recieving thier reward here on earth ( so much for the meek shall inherent the kingdom of heaven) and built upon by the “christians” espiacially in the south who justified first slavery and then lynching ass “godly” actions.

Don’t forget the middle ages where the wealthy could buy indulgences from thier church.

The hypocrisy of the religious who elevate material wealth as the morally supreme standard above charity, tolerance and basic humanity is repugnant. So much for jesus’s outrage at the merchants in the temple or that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then the rich to enter heaven.

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