Episode 16 the Anyone Can Do Business Podcast

Today we’re talking about three things that can trip you up in business: form, structure, and significance.

Form and structure are all the things you’ve decided about your business. Where it has to be, how it has to look, the results you’re supposed to achieve, etc. There’s no infinite possibility with that. Rather, this keeps you looking at the past constantly to make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes, especially if you’ve made them significant.

Having a business that changes all the time

A majority of businesses in the world are based on having the right form and structure. …

Podcast No 15 Shownotes

Today we’re talking about event creation and seven easy steps to create a successful workshop, class or event. We call it the wheel of creation.

If you train yourself to get all these things in place from the beginning, you can grow from a five-person event to a 500-person event with total ease.

Even though we’ve done hundreds of events, we still use the wheel of creation. It’s useful to have it all laid out so that you don’t forget any of the steps. It makes life a whole lot more ease, joy, and glory.

The beauty of…

Anyone Can Do Busines, Episode 14

In business, there’s a time to say yes to a bunch of things, especially if you’re in a new industry or a new position. Not only does this allow your skills and capacities to grow, people notice when you’re keen and willing to do whatever it takes.

There’s also a time to say no to new opportunities.

This episode is about gaining clarity about which projects to take on and which ones to refuse.

The reasons we say yes

If you have an awesome manager or colleague you like working with and they invite you on to a project, you may agree just to please them. …

In this episode,we’re taking a light-hearted look at business and life during these crazy Corona times.

There’s a world of fear, scarcity, freak-out,and Doomsday scenarios going around. Today we’d like to give you some tools to use when the crazy train arrives at your station.

Who does it belong to?

Do you find yourself in a cycle of negative thoughts such as you’re never going to make money during the pandemic? You’re not going to be able to pay the mortgage and your whole life is ruined?

The reality is you’re highly aware of the people around you whether you know them or not, whether they’re physically around you or not. …

Right now, everyone’s business has changed quite suddenly. Some businesses are booming. Some have moved wholly online, and others have gone away. Understandably, large numbers of people are freaking out.

Today, we’re going to give you some tools to help deal with what’s going on and hopefully create some ease, no matter what your situation is.

Engagement is the key

When a crisis occurs, particularly if you’re in the business of coaching, don’t disappear. Your willingness to show up online, engage with people and follow-through is immensely reassuring and inspiring to others.

We have more possibilities to contribute in times of uncertainty and adversity. If you’re willing to be the energy of contribution, you’ll become a trusted adviser and go-to person in business. Call people, offer them support — don’t go into hiding. …

As an entrepreneurial superwoman, it is easy to fall into the trap of doing it all yourself. What happens is you try to save money by doing everything alone because you know how to do it, you’re good at it and you like being in control?We’ve both been there.

Evolving your business skills

Being an entrepreneur is very different from having a regular salary paid by someone else. It is an evolutionary process. By all means, learn about every aspect of your business. …

On the eve of St Patrick’s Day, I, Rachel O’Brien, am joined by guest Paul Kearney to ask our listeners,what is your pot of gold?

Hint: it isn’t money.

I’ll be happy when I’m rich…

Life should be fun, life should be easy except that sometimes it isn’t…If you’re going through a period of anxiety or stress, that’s okay. The human spectrum includes ups and downs and everything in between.

Yet, how often do you say, “I’ll be happy when I’m rich,” rather than choosing to be happy now? Anxiety or worry is not greater than you. …

Today’s episode is designed to get your creative juices flowing so you begin to look at your business in a global way.

It’s not always practical for people who work in service-based jobs to scale their business. Whether you’re a cleaner or a massage therapist, you’re limited by the number of hours that you can work.

Our podcast is about a completely different paradigm for business and life. So, in this episode, we’re taking you through an exercise that will get you thinking out of the box.

Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy

I, Lauren, have worked many different jobs over the years: babysitter, lifeguard, researcher, acupuncturist, physical therapy assistant, web designer, etc… Every single one of those jobs gave me different skills. …

Today we’re talking about the 7 pillars for being the leader of your life and also the planet. This is not about saving the earth. Rather, it is about being a contribution to the world in an entirely different way. Here they are.

#1 Wishing well for all

The first pillar is wishing well for all. It comes from our friends, Steve and Chutisa Bowman who are very successful in the corporate world. This is not an airy fairy concept. In business, it’s wishing everyone can have a life that works for them and one that they actually enjoy.

#2 Do no…

Today’s topic is one that comes up for a lot of busy people — burn out.

After a hectic period of facilitating classes and traveling, I, Rachel, woke up one morning feeling very sick. Everyone said I’d been working too hard and was burned out.

Now, if you’ve listened to our podcast, you’ll know how much we both love business and creation! Creation doesn’t mean always being on your computer or working. Sometimes, creation is a chill-out day, or walking on the beach and being with your thoughts. …

Anyone Can Do Business

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