It speaks for itself.

This blog presents you with my attempt at communicating with friends and family I haven’t seen for many months, and will not for longer. I am using this Medium to keep you close. I am having the time of my life and working hard with Jesse to keep the party going, the Reason I got myself here in the first place, when Any called us in First York.

Today I completed my final project for training in the Spiritual Arts. I will become a certified Yoga teacher with the Alliance. I will now be able to teach friends and family privately and hope to be able to do yoga with new people every day. I have found my path, and now it is accomplished: I just have to do yoga every day.

This past week was challenging and fun. I learned to combine relaxation with work by becoming comfortable in my own body’s constant death and resurrection. Every day we die on the mat in Savasana, and rise again to continue living by sheer Will. My class was rooted in a musical playlist that has been guiding my own rehearsals I’ve practiced alone in my room while Jesse watched.

Who do you obey?



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