Not close. Not far.

I love being in school. The educational structures of York crumbling, I never had the opportune to explore my own auto-didactic powers. It is hard, but being one’s own teacher is fun. So is studying. I’m learning an ancient tongue that really cannot be described here. Also I’m sworn to secret anyway.

As we are encouraged to explore silence during the morning practice and breakfast, today we went deeper into internal stillness, so I was inspired to extend the practice to my interactions with Jesse, who insisted on reading a book “in one sitting” to be literal, at Faran’s recommendation so read Siddhartha. Faran is the elf who guards our Sala and distributes fresh water without the use of plastics to islanders. Yesterday she threw an ice-cream party for us in Sala because a local parlour took pity on her and Kaye when they had Dengue fever, so there was a surplus. Kaye is a sight-catcher who built the Sala with Faran.

Rain today. Everyone giddily ran out to be showered, but I had to stay in Sala for my wound’s dressings.

Also observed restraint from the unwanted growth plant, though Teacher is designing a new program based on its use. It was also responsible for my yogic awakening yesterday, when I realized I had been pursuing discomfort in practice due to unwanted ego programming. This may have led to the injury; incurred while play-chasing/tickling a wild sprite who passed by our front yard.

Many of the Others have shed tears in the process of opening to our practice, sometimes just at the realization of their own improper posture during Alexander practice. I still do not know if this is also my cross to which I am clinging, or if I dropped it years and years ago. I am acutely aware of my tightness, though Teacher speculates that I may have already let it go years ago just from Clown training. Just holding my body is a different endeavor after only a week and a half. Sleep comes easier. As does truth.

My tuk-tuk chauffeur collected us for my wound redressing after study team. The scar is going to be a big one. Others remarked I had been cavalier about it. I just could not let it affect my studies. It is remarkably painless.

We were given supplemental training by our landlord in circus arts during sunset. I was presented with my flame spinners, with which to practice until they are set on fire and destroyed in ceremony.

Jesse is always at my side, in study team, in emergency room. We can communicate without words, and are getting better and better at it. Now he stares magnifying glass in hand at the spinning coloured light-bulb overhead in the giant paper-mache flower light fixture. He did mention buying a Lucia Light Machine.

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