The Good Ship: Popsicle

We spent the whole Sunday cruising on the good ship Popsicle all around the island, exploring its neighbors. Some are completely uninhabited. Under doctor’s orders not to swim, the others got to explore water caverns and beaches with lighthouses while I lounged in a oil of the coco nut fueled daze drinking Merry Blood concocted by Evan Keel, one of the Others from Third York who had studied with Teacher prior to this course. There were tons of foods from one of the finer eateries whose owners loaned us the vessel for the day.

Kaye invited me to the roof of the bow for a formal welcome where we burnt the holy herbs and conferred on our professional endeavors. She enjoyed elecomporting with Any before meeting us, and gave us incredible feedback and reinforcement. She at first thought the Popsicle was barred from her use when linked to it from our signature messge, but was thrilled to hear I had initiated public correspondence upon arrival here and that she is indeed on board the interstellar craft. One of the main tenets of life on her lay of the land is a fondness for canis lupus familiarus.

I experienced lucidity for the first time while in dream last week, and revisited our time with Professor Stuart in Sole. Should I allow young price Jarrodd or other popsicle students of mine to expose their (i)s to the influences of other mediums outside of their own conscioussnesses? I wonder what Marigold Lee would say on this matter. Marigold was a star-student passing though our dimension. She had a whole passel of Earthlings under her care on the West Coast of Third York, where a prince was pining after her. In the Arcology where she teaches she is permitted to teach the children Spritual Arts. I learned so much from her and miss her already, I cannot even imagine how much I will miss the Others after the next two weeks, our last togeher.

We had a joyful morning filled with practice of massage while in posture on one another while teacher directed. At seven we were encouraged to lead ourselves through any postures or movements that felt right and to build strength in our Dharana and Dhyana. It has been of tremendous benefit to me as I took the time over breakfast to work on our own Arcology. Jesse took to another one-sitting read, and goes now through the analogue journal I had been keeping since our separation between the Shire and Oz. I will tell more of this adventure soon, but I was indeed carried over the rainbow and bestowed my ruby slippers by a good witch who ran a wine vineyard before Jesse came down the Yellow Brick Road. I can see him smiling as he reads.

There were many lovely sights captured with electric eyes, but as I could not make a good connection to the internet through the Medium, the photo-essay I had ready could not be published. We now have to pursue other software for visual storytelling. Kaye shared her captures over the Book of Faces on our grioup page, but we resist its charms. Jesse has set it up so that Any can use it on our behalf. Still, these transmissions lack a certain lusture that photos bring.

One day.

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