Where are the “right-wing Christians” flying planes into buildings, or committing honor killings…
lawrence estavan

There are ALL of the same done by Radical Christians! There ARE groups that practice polygamy in the US! Honor killings? Hell yes! How many women are murdered by their Christian husmands for being unfaithful? Recent news about “child brides” has revealed that this occurs more in the US among Christians. Also, rape cases dealing with those under the age of consent have been handled by churches by marrying the rapists and their victims. You see, you observe acts of OTHER religions, especially, Muslims, through a microscope; you have no perspective at all and, of course, I can only assume that your major source of news is FOX! The treatment of the LGBT is really something that should not be any religion’s business; however, you want to legislate morality just like Sharia law is enacted in some areas of Islam! You want women to carry the children of those who raped them and then, TO MAKE IT EVEN MORE INSIDIOUS, want to give the rapist child visitation rights. Now, for the smashdown, NO, it was not the work of Osama bin Laden and other Muslims when the Twin Towers were attacked with passenger jets. If you look at a publication by the Project for a New American Century published 2 years before the attack on the Twin Towers, look at the “stand down” of Air Force jets on THAT day ALONE, it adds up to a deeper conspiracy by, yours truly, the American government. Now, you can call me a crackpot on the last entry and then say that I am an idiot. When you point one finger at me, there are three pointing at YOU! Good day!

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