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The AnyTask™ Platform Marketing Team has prepared a series of articles to demonstrate how startup and small businesses can benefit from the worldwide talented pool of online freelancers. The first one was an article describing how a fictional gardener launched his landscaping business with freelancers on AnyTask.com with a budget of $240.

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More recently, the team published another article with a fictional case of a food shop startup and what they could get done for only $25 on the AnyTask™ Platform. As a fictional case study, we use the example of a person launching a Mexican food shop in Chicago, USA. In this case, the fictional character got a logo for his business and a graphic design for his street sign. He also got flyers and food menus done, all for under $24.

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The Marketing team has created a third fictional character. Rich Holmes is a real estate agent. Mr. Holmes has spent $100 on AnyTask.com and got nine digital freelance tasks for that amount, including the design of a logo, business cards, flyers for promotional purposes, a video ad, a YouTube channel with an intro video, and an App.

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He also got at least 100 house listings he can promote in the area he has chosen: Los Angeles. The name of Holmes’ agency is L.A.’s Finest Real Estate. The slogan is “Turning houses into homes.”

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It is important to note that all the photos and images used in all the freelance tasks below were provided by AnyTask.com staff to the freelancers. The photos and images used in all the tasks were downloaded for free from various websites you can find here. The video was downloaded for free from websites you can find here. ​

Logomaker430 designed the logo for just $10.

The logo was sent to Beezle and he created two business card design options with it for only $10.

Beezle also did the flyers for only $10.

Inluckdesign was asked for a website banner ad ready for advertisement in local media. The banner ad was at a cost of $10.

Ashir342 Ahir342 created this fully responsive HTML website for only $15.00.

Qikfingers was chosen to do the following video ad for only $10.

Tahmida got $15.00 to set up Rich Holmes’ YouTube channel with one introductory video.

UIUXdesigner created the following App design for L.A.’s Finest Real estate for only $10:

And Raihansarkar420 did a data scrape for home listings also for only $10 that will be extremely helpful to Holmes and his new real estate agency’s launch.

It is very important to note that although data scraping in itself is not illegal, some websites do have copyrights on all their data, so it is highly recommended that if you do data scraping that you make sure it there is no copyright protection on it before you use it publicly.

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And it was all done for just $100 plus the fees, bringing the total for all these purchases to only $106.00.

AnyTask.com offers Buyers the full AnyTaskProtection™ if they are not completely satisfied with their purchase. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the AnyTask™ Platform now and get your urgent digital tasks done by talented freelancers from around the world.

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