6 free video production courses for freelancers

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With the rise of the online freelance economy, there’s never been a better time to become a freelance video editor. Of course, firstly, you must find this profession appealing.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the reason for a rise in demand for freelance video editors and producers is that video generates close to 10 times more shares, comments, embeds, and engagements than other content.

Seventy-two percent of consumers surveyed by Wyzowl, a global leader in the production of explainer videos, said they prefer learning about products and services through videos.

Today, thanks to the tech developments that make remote collaboration easier. That has prompted many talented video editors worldwide to transition away from their day jobs and become their own bosses.

Here are the courses AnyTask.com has carefully selected for you:

1. ADOBE: Premiere Pro Tutorials

Who better to learn all you need to know about editing with Adobe Premiere Pro from than the software company itself, right? And they have courses that will take you from zero to hero in a very short time. All you need is passion, as they provide all the tutorials you need to become the pro you want to be.

By visiting the Adobe Premiere Tutorials website, you will find you can download a free trial version of their video editing software so you can test it before your purchase. And on that website, you’ll also find a wide array of tutorials that will help you with everything from how to create a project and import a clip, to exploring the Premiere Pro panels, learning editing skills, working with graphics and titles to adjusting the timing of your edits.

They also have an import media course divided up into seven short tutorials that will take you on a journey from importing with the Media Browser and directly, as well as relinking offline clips, mixed footage, multi-layered Photoshop files, and more. There is an animation course equipped with five short tutorials. You’ll also find the introductory color adjustments course, the understanding audio mixes course, and other courses that will teach you how to create beautiful visual composites, transitions, sequences, and then on to beginner projects for hands-on learning.

And lastly, they also have courses for the more experienced video editors and courses for those interested in transitioning from other video editing software to Premiere Pro.

2. UDEMY: How to edit videos

This beginner course will teach you how to edit videos on either Adobe Premiere Pro or Shotcut — the best free and paid video editing software currently available.

So, whether you want to learn video editing for yours or your customers’ YouTube Channel, create online courses, better videos for social media, and so on, this course is for you.

Created by Bryan Guerra, the course provides answers to questions like why editing software is so essential and which to use. For example, Bryan recommends Shotcut for beginners, and he will explain why. He also teaches students who to edit with Premiere Pro.

By the end of the course, among many other things, you’ll know how to edit videos with Shotcut and Adobe Premiere Pro, create better videos for social media, and YouTube as well as other platforms. Mr. Guerra will teach you how to add and order files on Shotcut and render and export videos.

3. UDEMY: Video editing for beginners: Learn how to edit

Christian Figueroa created this course that takes you on a video editing journey from start to finish using any video editing software. He will teach you all about the codecs of video and the basics of the different video editing software available to you. He’ll also impart some wisdom on the theory and history of this popular freelance category.

The course covers everything from what is video editing, transitions, screen formats, frame rates, and so much more, including what the best editing software for you is.

Mr. Figueroa has a bachelor’s in film-making and video editing and has created videos for companies and brands.

4. UDEMY: Making text animated short videos

This course by ​ Shaharyar Abdul Khaliq has a few requirements: to be able to work on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere with basic understandings of how these software work.

On social media, you have three seconds to capture potential viewers’ attention, so if you are worried that you might not get the views and shares you want, you are right. That said, this course will teach you how to create amazing short videos. These types of videos are designed to deliver the message in just one minute and have the potential to go viral.

After completion of the course, you’ll know the art of creating news reports and content writing. You’ll learn how to create eye-catching thumbnails for the videos, short and viral videos, your own social media video Brand, and, most importantly, how to make money by creating small ads for clients and YouTube. And lastly, how to start your own micro-video log (vlog).

5. COURSERA: Mastering Final Cut Pro

Jason Cox and Nick Harauz of Learn Quest lead this free course that already has 18,000 enrolled students. They are both highly experienced Apple Certified Trainers and editors.

The course unravels post-production for video editors worldwide. The 40-hour course takes you into the key features of Apple’s Final Cut Pro software for video and audio editing.

They’ll learn the elements for creating professional videos using transitions and effects, titles and motion graphics, color correction, 360 videos, and media management. And how to create and edit video using Final Cut Pro as well as import and export project files for collaboration and archive, and more.

The course is self-paced and also prepares students to pass the Final Cut Pro X certification exam.

6 . UDEMY: Video production

This course by Ryan Stone is for beginners and those who want to improve, which means you do not need to have prior experience to enroll.

Video marketing has become a must for all businesses as it increases understanding of products and services by 74%. Every day, 100 million internet users watch an online video, and YouTube is the world’s number two search engine.

The course will help freelance videographers to produce videos that are better than 90% of the video junk out there.

This course will teach students the basics of producing professional video even if you’ve never done it ever before.

“I will teach you how to produce online video content, whether you have a video camera or not. You will be taught how to write an engaging and persuasive script. You will learn to light your scene properly or use natural light to the best effect. I will reveal how to capture crisp and clean audio and the equipment that will help you. With an effective script, clear subjects, professional framing, and audible dialogue, your video will already stand head and shoulders above the competition.,” says Ryan Stone.

We are confident that whether you are just now thinking of becoming a freelance video editor or already doing this for a living, you’ll find these courses helpful in improving your skills. And improving your skills means more customers.

Keep an eye out as we prepare an article with tips for video editors, including where you can access free video and audio stock for your future projects.

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