‘AnyTask.com has changed my life,’ says Sayema

4 min readNov 12, 2020


The Bangladeshi graphic designer has sold over 600 tasks since she began freelancing, a career choice that has helped her regain full control over her life. She now lives entirely off of AnyTask

Sayema Tahmida, 22, lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and has freelanced since 2016. She made freelancing her lifetime career because it empowered her and gave her back control over her life.

“I feel great since becoming a freelancer,” Sayema said. “I started freelancing because it gives me the power to be my own boss. No more working with control-freak managers and clocking in and out. I no longer have to report to anybody or listen to them, telling me off for being a few minutes late.”

The talented graphic design expert said she finds freelancing far more rewarding than traditional jobs in her country. It has provided Sayema with a better source of income and an opportunity to increase her skills.

With a youth unemployment rate of 10.6%, 52% of the population unbanked, 35% living in poverty, and a monthly minimum wage of less than $100, it makes good sense to get involved in freelancing, said Sayema.

Over 600 tasks sold

Sayema’s sold over 600 tasks to customers from dozens of countries worldwide since she began freelancing four years ago. She has an exceptional talent for graphic design and specializes in all types of logos, business cards, and even websites. Sayema also designs graphics for YouTube channels, which she also sets up for her clients.

Ms. Tahmida has freelanced on Fiverr, Upwork, and, more recently, on AnyTask, a global freelance platform launched in late 2019 by Electroneum, an award-winning cryptocurrency startup based in the UK.

AnyTask changed Tahmida’s life

“AnyTask’s interface is much easier than Fiverr’s or Upwork’s,” said the young Bangladeshi freelancer — Tahmida by her AnyTask ID. “On AnyTask, older and newer sellers both get the same priority because they do not have the bidding system.”

Sayema is particularly thrilled that freelancers on AnyTask do not have to pay any fees or commissions. She first heard about AnyTask early this year and, immediately, “the thought crossed my mind that this was a platform I had to explore.

“AnyTask has changed my life, and I am just darn excited to see where it takes me,” Sayema said. “It was easy. I created my AnyTask profile and created several tasks eight months ago. Now, I have completed several tasks and have had great experiences. I have also continued to increase my graphic design skills.”

The Bangladeshi graphic designer currently freelances exclusively on AnyTask, which she says she “definitely recommends other freelancers from other leading platforms to start using, because unlike the other freelance websites, AnyTask gives the seller the attention they deserve.”

Ms. Tahmida says the income she earns on AnyTask “is sufficient to cover my personal expenses and lead a better life. I also help others with the ETN I get from freelancing on AnyTask.”

A 4.9-star rated AnyTasker

Tahmida has a 4.9-star rating on AnyTask. A buyer whose AnyTask ID is THB purchased a business card design from her and said, “I will definitively ask her for further jobs.” And THB did purchase a letter template design from her, and “she did a great task.”

Chrissiesue also purchased tasks from her twice. The first review said, “Very artistic, professional and very reasonably priced.” The second review said they got “excellent value for the money. Tahmida created for me both a business card with flair and a stylish, yet professional looking compliment slip.”

Coinmonster said that after three revisions, the task delivered was “exactly what I wanted.” Xavioo asked Tahmida for a revision and a “good job. She did the task so fast.”

Over 563,000 people have registered to AnyTask since its launch. Buyers can find more than 23,600 freelance tasks across dozens of categories and subcategories. The platform offers buyers 100% satisfaction, which means if they are not happy with the task they purchased, they get a full refund.

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