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3 min readSep 3, 2020


Electroneum has a team of developers focused exclusively on constantly improving the global freelance platform

AnyTask just got better! The UK-based global freelance platform has a team of developers exclusively focused on the ongoing process of improving the website and the experience of its users, both sellers as well as buyers.

“We are very excited to announce that several improvements to AnyTask have gone live today!” said Marketing Manager Tanya Hardie. “The new features improve the overall experience of the hundreds of thousands of registered users AnyTask has garnered in under six months since its launch in late 2019.”

Miss Hardie explained that “we have implemented a new feature that helps buyers of tasks better understand the performance of AnyTask freelancers.

“The new deliverability statistics we’ve introduced ensure AnyTask freelancers who have a higher response and order acceptance rate and deliver their orders on time stand out from those who don’t,” she said. “The stats also include how many tasks you have in your queue, a feature that could help buyers understand how busy and, therefore, sought after you are as a freelancer.”

“The new seller performance feature helps buyers understand what you deliver quickly and easily, so we are giving the task page a refresh, making the important information clearer to improve their buyer experience,” she explained. “It helps ​ them pick the right freelancer for them.”

Meet your deadlines

To help you manage your orders and meet deadlines, we are adding the due date to each order. For clear visibility of what is due next, your due dates will be shown in a traffic light system. The Greenlight means your work is due in three days; Yellow, two days, and Red means you have one day before the due date.

AnyTask has also gone live with SMS order notifications to your mobile phone to ensure you don’t miss anything, which means users need to update their profile to include their telephone number.

Let’s celebrate!

We’ve heard that finding new orders wasn’t easy? Don’t miss an order with our new celebration confetti notification congratulating you on your new order! We are also including a new party icon on the order page for easy navigation. You will also receive another notification when your task has been delivered.

“If and when you get a new order, you will receive a celebratory confetti notification regarding a new order for freelancers,” said Miss Hardie.

There’s no reason to worry, however. The new deliverability stat feature will remain hidden until AnyTask freelancers receive their first order, which means there is still plenty of time to improve your score by accepting your orders, delivering your task on time, and ensuring speedy communication.

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