Austin Gabriel Diaz studied and trained for three years to become a top freelancer
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Austin Gabriel Diaz began intensively studying and training to freelance at age 15 after failing to sell a task on Fiverr, and even then, he found that the leading platform was not right for him.

Fortunately, he said, that when he felt more capable as a freelancer, Electroneum had launched AnyTask (late 2019), a global freelance platform he says is the perfect solution not only for the newer freelancers but for those who are fed-up with having to pay the staggering 20% in fees the other leading platforms charge.

‘Fiverr is not for newbies’

“Fiverr did not work for me, nor do I think it works for the newer freelancers,” he said. “If you are a newbie, I highly recommend AnyTask over all the other leading freelance marketplaces. It has made a huge difference in my life as now I am making an income in cryptocurrency that I am saving up for my future.”

The young freelancer explained he prefers AnyTask because one gets paid in minutes after the buyer approves the task instead of the two-week wait time on other leading platforms and because sellers do not pay any fees or commissions (Fiverr charges 20%).

The Filipino freelancer, who goes by Kupsproductions on AnyTask, gave an example of what people can do with only just the fees in his country, where over 20% of the population lives in poverty, and more than 75% are unbanked.

“The monthly minimum wage in my country is equivalent to about US$115, which is just under US$4 a day. And to earn that you have to work long hours as a farmer, for example. Those four dollars is what I would have to pay Fiverr if I sell two US$10 tasks, which I can do in approximately two hours. With those four dollars, an entire family can eat one day,” he said.

Austin is delighted he can work from the comfort of his own home. He says he saves money and time he can use for schooling and paying tuition fees. He is currently in the second year of his Bachelor of Science in IT course.

“Freelancing is far better for me and for my future than working a dead-end job. Freelancing on AnyTask has made a huge difference in my life, as I now have my own resources for school and other personal expenses as well as saving for my future.”

Preparing to become a top freelancer

Austin lives in the small farming village of Santa Lucia Young in the Filipino province of Zaragoza with his parents and siblings. The unemployment rate in his country is nearly 20% and potentially higher in rural areas. Promising job opportunities are scarce, he said, giving him another good reason to freelance.

“I decided to become a freelancer when I was 15 and knew that to ensure my success, I had to make sure my skills were at their highest level. So, I studied video tutorials and trained on my PC to gain the practical expertise I felt I needed. I’m convinced it was better to spend my free time learning instead of going out with friends.”

His efforts paid off. Today, he is a top seller on AnyTask with a five-star rating and over dozens of favorable reviews.

Five-star rating with excellent reviews

“I’m amazed! Friendly guy, fast answers. I told him what kind of pic I wanted, and he delivered perfectly. Everything perfect!” said the buyer identified as Begfux on AnyTask. Craigoostan said Austin gave him “great service. Very fast. I got exactly what I wanted and within an hour. Very cost effective!”

“Amazing, the order was delivered in one hour,” said Christaskmake, who has been a repeat customer of Austin’s. Radicalmtb said, “Invest in this guy!”

These are just a few of the excellent reviews the five-star freelancer, who promotes freelancing on AnyTask among teenagers in Tagalo via his YouTube and TikTok channels.

“I believe all teenagers should freelance because I see it as the best way to go for the younger generations,” he said. “We spend a lot of time on our phones and computers anyway, so why not invest that time to get the skills to become productive and start earning an income to help themselves and their families.”

Austin said, “AnyTask has helped me become more productive and more responsible with my time.”

Why does Austin stand out?

When asked why people would go to him for freelance work, Mr. Diaz responded that he offers unlimited revisions to ensure 100% satisfaction.

“My only concern is to meet the requirements of my customers. I want to make sure they get exactly what they want, and I do not stop at less than going beyond their expectations,” said Austin.

“I believe a crucial skill many others neglect is communications. You need to listen carefully to your customers. Understand exactly what they want and ask questions until you are 100% sure you know what they expect. I learn a lot from simply listening to my customers.”

That’s not all. “I also think outside the box and frequently go outside of my comfort zone. That has helped me improve and increase my skills,” he added.

Austin is one of the hundreds if not thousands of AnyTask freelancers who today recognize the platform is the right solution for them. And with the upcoming launch of TaskSchool and more ways to use ETN, Electroneum continues to progress toward becoming the most usable cryptocurrency in existence.

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