8 tips to get the best results from freelancers

4 min readDec 7, 2020


Online freelancing platforms such as AnyTask.com are a great way to create a network of highly skilled digital experts from around the world so that you can get tasks done quickly and at any time, day or night.

AnyTask provides buyers of tasks with additional benefits not found on other leading platforms, such as a meticulous vetting process. The support team carefully looks at each new freelancer and each of the tasks they list to ensure they have what it takes to complete the job to your exact specifications.

The British freelance website, launched in late 2019, offers buyers of tasks a 100% satisfaction guarantee or a full refund.

So, once you are on AnyTask, a platform with nearly 600,000 registered users worldwide, choose your freelancer either by star-rating or number of good reviews and by their response time and order acceptance rate.

However, because the flexibility of working with freelancers means that sometimes the briefing process can get overlooked, we strongly suggest you consider the following steps when making your next purchase on AnyTask and to ensure you get the best from your talented AnyTasker.

So, let’s get to our eight tips on how to best brief your freelancer.

  1. Contact various freelancers before purchasing: AnyTask has provided buyers with a feature that enables you to contact freelancers before purchasing tasks from them. This initial contact will allow you to learn a bit more about freelancers before purchasing from them. We recommend you contact various freelancers as their responses could help you make a wiser decision when purchasing a task.
  2. Background and context: ​ The more information you provide your freelancer regarding your project, the better. If your AnyTaskers have a full picture of your overall business vision, mission, objectives, and goals, the better work they can do for you. Take a few extra minutes to clearly explain how you work and what you intend to achieve with the task at hand.
  3. Providing examples: ​ You can get great results if you share examples of what you expect with your freelancer, as those will help illustrate your points. It could help the freelancer understand why you are bringing them on board. It could be for their expertise or the location they’re in or the language they speak.
  4. Your audience: You know who your audience is, and you should relay that knowledge to your freelancer in as much detail as possible. Remember, the more precise your communication is with your freelancer, the better results you’ll get. With all the demographics and profiles of your audiences, your freelancer gets a clearer idea of how to proceed. Remember, freelancers are experts in their respective fields.
  5. Provide an exact timescale: As they usually work on their own or part of a small team, time can be tight for freelancers. So, to help them plan their schedule as accurately as possible, give a clear idea of your timetables and deadlines. This is likely to be the first thing most freelancers will look at when considering a project, to see whether they can accommodate a project or not. So, whatever you do, don’t leave it out.
  6. Communication: Make sure to let your freelancer know who their points of contact are and the best times to get in touch. Remember, your freelancer may be in an entirely different time zone, making it crucial for them to know where you are so they can consider that when trying to contact you. Try not to use language that our automated translation system may not recognize. AnyTask has a messaging system that automatically translates your message into one of 109 languages so that you can communicate with your freelancer.
  7. Revisions: Freelancers work independently. That means they each have their unique way of working. Make sure you understand how many modifications they are allowing you. However, many of our AnyTaskers allow for many more revisions because they want to ensure you become a repeat buyer. They seek your complete satisfaction. Some buyers have stated that some sellers delivered more than was agreed, which is a plus for you.
  8. Tips from you: Many buyers seek the help of online freelancers not because they do not know how to do it themselves but because they need to free up time for more critical tasks or those they cannot delegate. So, if you have tips on achieving certain aspects of the task you have requested, do not hesitate to tell them how they can technically achieve certain parts of the job. Many of our freelancers have expressed how much they’ve learned from buyers of their tasks.

From our direct and frequent communication with freelancers, we know they prefer a detailed briefing. It helps make their work much more comfortable and enjoyable. It also removes the need for a lot of the back-and-forth with queries and adjustments. It also shows you respect their work, and they, in turn, will deliver the best digital task you’ve ever seen and will keep you coming back for more.

Originally published at https://news.anytask.com on December 7, 2020.




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