5 tips on how to become a better freelancer

4 min readNov 11, 2022


AnyTask.com is empowering a skilled talent pool of digital freelancers. Signing up and sharing your talent on AnyTask.com gives you a new outlet to branch out with your creativity, whether it is creating logos, designing digital ads or coding for websites, AnyTask.com can cater to all of your digital freelancing desires. That being said, how can you become a better freelancer on AnyTask.com? Well, here are five simple tips that will enable you to better serve your clients.

Showcase your work

Showing your work is essential so that potential clients know your skill, ability and what specialisms you have. It means that the customers that choose you, have an understanding of your capabilities and what they’re likely to receive as a final result. Potential clients may be concerned that you do not meet their criteria without a portfolio. Have you enjoyed doing a particular project? Well then showcase it in your portfolio. Clients needing that type of project will be more likely to hire you and feel confident that they’ve made the right decision.

Client communication

Client communication is critical in order to deliver a product that matches the criteria and is of good quality. If the brief doesn’t align with your skills, or if the brief is unclear — then communicate this to the client in order to resolve the situation.

Before sending a final version of your deliverable, always check with the client and make sure it matches what they wanted, and if any amendments are needed. Once everything is correct, get all your deliverables ready for delivery.


Growing your online presence can be hard, and one of the biggest factors in this is your reputation. Make sure that with every project you take on, make it your mission to deliver your very best work. Going above and beyond each time leads to great reviews, lifelong clients, and a solidified reputation that you can rely on to grow your customer base.

Follow the brief!

One of the most important factors in freelancing is… following the brief!

We have all been there in the past where we have received a brief, got excited, and gone off to create a beautiful design or amazing video that didn’t really follow what the client wanted. This type of deviation from the brief can lead to an unsatisfied client which can result in disputes if the deliverable isn’t rectified to meet the client’s brief.

So always make sure to read the brief several times throughout the creation process to ensure you stay on track. Once you complete the Buyer’s task, make sure they are happy with the result and that you have completed everything according to the brief.


We get it, sometimes business can be slow one minute and the next you have a copious amount of orders. And whilst it’s great that you have many clients, sometimes it can be overwhelming dealing with multiple orders at once.

Make sure that you create a schedule whenever you get busy, in order to keep to a time frame and avoid getting overwhelmed with orders. There is nothing worse than being stressed to meet all of your quotas whilst not having a break in between jobs. To avoid any kind of fatigue, ensure you schedule breaks as it can relieve stress.

So there you have it. There are five ways that you can become a better and more productive freelancer on the AnyTask™ Platform. Did we miss any top tips? Let us know over on social media @anytaskofficial. And while you’re there, make sure to follow us to keep up with the latest news and updates. Have a great day!




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