Freelancing on helps me gain experience and fund my university studies: Lebopa Lebuhani
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South African AnyTasker says freelancing is a great opportunity for exposure and to compete in the international marketplace

Freelancing as an industry is on the rise and has been even before the Covid-19 crisis, which has come to speed up the world’s transition to remote work and temporary staff. All the freelancers AnyTask has interviewed agree that freelance is by far their best alternative to local full-time employment.

Lebopa Lebuhani, a freelancer from Pretoria, South Africa, said that working as a freelancer has been helpful for him in gaining more professional experience while earning an additional income to fund his university studies.

“Freelancing has provided me with an opportunity to realize my skills and compete in the international market,” said Lebopa, who goes by Lebuhani on AnyTask. “I also believe freelancing is a great opportunity for exposure and getting my name out there while meeting interesting people who purchase my freelance work.”

Quick stats from South Africa

Currently, unemployment in South Africa is just under 30%. Approximately 40% of the population lives below the line of poverty. According to a local news report, the country’s unbanked and underbanked total 11 million of a total population of 58 million.

A guide to better manage your monthly income


From local freelancer to global AnyTasker

Mr. Lebuhani has done some freelance work locally. However, his first experience freelancing online has been on AnyTask, where he is rated a 4.8-star freelancer with several very positive reviews. AnyTask has also been an opportunity for growth, as it has given him the opportunity to realize the potential his offerings have on a global scale.

“I have been freelancing for two years outside working hours,” he said. “I started focusing more on freelancing this year as I want to continue getting more university postgraduate qualifications.”

On, Mr. Lebuhani offers business financial management lessons, financial statements analysis, accounting and bookkeeping services, reconciliations and reporting, expenses, income management, costing, and tax.

Lebuhani has the professional and academic experience to back his offerings. He holds a Bachelor’s in Accounting Sciences (Chartered Accountancy) from the University of Johannesburg. He also received a postgraduate diploma in Accountancy at the same university.

He completed an internship and Business Experience Program with Ernest & Young and is still on their payroll. Also, he’s provided his services locally.

“AnyTask has provided me with the opportunity to realize my skills and compete in the international market. It’s a great opportunity for global exposure,” explained Lebuhani, who lives with his family in Pretoria.

When asked why he decided to start freelancing, Lebuhani said that as an employee, he realized that he did not require an intermediary to sell his skills.

I was doing all the work, but the profits of my labor were going to someone else,” he pointed out. “I felt for me it was best to market my skills independently instead of renting my skills out to others for their profit. ”

Working for others also limits what you can learn because employers restrict workers to the tasks they require, Lebuhani explained.

“AnyTask has provided me with the opportunity to realize my skills and compete in the international market.”

What sets Lebopa Lebuhani apart?

Lebuhani wants to make sure he has a competitive edge over all other freelancers offering the same services.

“I will keep acquiring more qualifications to remain relevant in the financial services industry,” he said. “That and my level of professionalism, integrity, and analytical skills set me apart, as does my experience auditing, financial reporting, taxation and compliance, and regulations and financial management. The list is endless.”

But you also have to read business news every day, he added. “Keeping up to date with changes in financial standards is very important. You also have to be flexible and adapt to change quickly.”

Would you recommend AnyTask to others?

“Yes,” said Lebuhani without hesitation. “I find AnyTask to be user friendly for buyers and sellers. I love the fact that unlike other platforms, freelancers do not pay fees or commissions. In my country, that makes a huge difference.”

Lebuhani is also impressed with how quickly payment takes place. “Getting paid minutes after approval provides trust,” he added.

And he sees it as an opportunity to start an online business free of charge, instead of renting an office.

“So, yes, AnyTask is a great platform for one to get exposure and experience by using your skills.”

Because he is highly optimistic about what the future holds for Electroneum, Lebuhani is saving the ETN (the Electroneum cryptocurrency) he earns.

“I am saving for my future and rainy days since I don’t know what tomorrow holds for me.”


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