How To Get Recognised On Social Media

There’s no denying the importance of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest. Some users connect with friends and family while others are looking for new connections. However, social media can also be leveraged by businesses to promote their products and reach new customers. Regardless of your reasons, one thing is sure; getting noticed on social media has become more challenging. How can you stand out, especially with the level of noise in the space? It isn’t as difficult as you think! Consider these best practices for making yourself noticed on social media.
7 min readOct 21, 2022

What are your Goals and Objectives?

What are your reasons for leveraging social media? Start by identifying your goals and objectives. Goals are general, long-term outcomes like reaching 100k followers or successfully launching a new product at your store. Objectives are short-term actions you can take to meet your goals. Such as: posting daily or offering discounts to customers via social media. Be very clear about what you intend to achieve and plan your posts to support your goals. Also, it is crucial to understand which social media platform is best for your goals. Take time to learn about the audiences you can reach and what kind of content you can share.

Be Human

Connect with your audience by interacting with them frequently and let them get to know you. It is not enough to just supply links to your site or store. Direct engagement and personal interaction by responding to posts from your followers and conversing with them in comments. When your audience or followers show interest in what you post, you should also interact with them. Your audience will have a better connection with you when you show them who you are. This is what can turn followers into customers and customers into a community.

Share with Everyone

Don’t be afraid to share your social media accounts with your friends, family, and professional network. Also, share links to all your socials with your followers. This is a great way to build your following across social media platforms. When you share with those you already know, ask for their help. Ask if they can share with their network and do the same for them. The level of engagement from your network tends to be higher than that of new followers. So beginning a conversation with your already loyal fans can help new followers feel comfortable and secure with buying from your business or engaging with your community.

What are their Needs

One of the most effective ways to interact with your audience is to understand their needs. What type of content do they enjoy or what type of products do they need? What are their interests or hobbies? Knowing this informs the kind of posts you should generate. Understanding their needs will increase their sense of community and lead to greater loyalty to you or your business.

Link your Social Media Accounts to your Website

Along with linking your website to your social media pages; link your social media to your website. Add social media links via icons on the homepage and in the footer. This way your social accounts are visible on every page of your site. Using this, you can direct existing customers to engage with your social media content and share their positive experiences.

Establish an Integrated Social Media Approach

With so many social media networks out there, each one you use needs to serve a specific purpose. So, what is the best way to decide? Start by creating a marketing calendar. Include every blog post, upcoming events or sales or other activities that are relevant to your brand or business. Having a marketing calendar helps keep you organised. It also helps you identify the best social media platform to target throughout the year. If you offer services like landscaping or interior design, consider more visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. If you have a cafe or small shop, Facebook pages can be an excellent way to display your location, store schedule, menu and products while giving you a way to interact with customers. Aim to utilise the social media platforms that best fit your business needs so you can maximise the benefit.

Make Valuable Content

Users of social media are inundated with stories, videos, images and blogs everyday. If you’re not providing valuable or interesting content, they will pass you by. There are some easy ways to help you stand out from all the competition. Make valuable content for your audience with tutorials, offer discounts or giveaways, and share reviews or comparisons.

You can also engage your audience with questions. People love responding to questions. Why not increase your followers, likes and traffic by using trivia games? Apart from being fun, it’s an easy way to engage your community. Creating valuable and engaging content for your followers, generates more brand awareness and can send more traffic to your website or store. In turn, it can lead to increased sales and more loyal customers.

Be Consistent in Posting and Use Hashtags

It can be confusing for followers if your social media accounts aren’t regularly posting. Users can get frustrated or concerned if they check your profile to find the last update is months old. To keep your audience engaged, post valuable content on a regular basis.

Consider scheduling your posts in advance to avoid leaving your audience behind. Identify evergreen content: these are posts that can be used multiple times. Another option is to create posts about seasonal changes or fun holidays. Don’t forget to use hashtags because it helps people discover topics and conversations that fit their interests.

You can use hashtags for business, location, industry, events, news or anything relevant to your posts. If you find out that a particular hashtag is trending on all social media platforms, find a way to incorporate it in your post!

Easy and Fun Posts

Some content is more effective than others. Generally, people respond best to:

· Statistic or data posts

· Dramatic images

· Funny posts

· Inspirational quotes

These specific types of posts are also easy to share. Beyond these posts being popular with most audiences, they don’t require new content from you. Instead, you can curate them to your audience and their interests. You can carry out a quick search to find examples for inspiration. Simply auto-schedule the posts to ensure that you post at different times of the day and all through the week.

Try using evocative headlines and teasers to draw followers into a conversation with you in the comments. Engage with the community by raising valuable topics to discuss and get your followers to contribute to the conversation. Like building offline relationships, establishing relationships on social media involves a lot of work. However, with a caring approach and consistency, you can raise your visibility on social media.

Final thoughts

Growing your presence on social media is a great way to reach new customers. To do this successfully, it’s important to understand your followers’ needs, engage with them regularly, and reach them on the platforms that suit your marketing calendar and business best. If you need some help getting started, has thousands of expert freelancers for any budget. Browse on Tasks which are digital services from freelance Sellers, view their portfolios, and contact them directly to Custom Quote services. With just a few simple steps, your social media presence can be managed by experts on and check that off your to-do list.


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