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3 min readJul 26, 2021


Having a Task that stands out against the rest is crucial for success on the AnyTask™ Platform, says Social Media Manager Stef Murphy in his new video on how to make your Task shine on

The freelance marketplace is now home to over 30,000 active tasks. That means that the chances of being noticed lie with how clear and concise your Task description is. So, let’s dive into Stef’s recommendations.

Your portfolio needs to showcase your work “Having a great portfolio is a must,” says Stef. The AnyTask™ Platform allows Sellers to upload their work to their Task(s) profile(s). That enables Sellers to showcase their skills before the thousands of Buyers visiting

Buyers are likely to prefer Sellers who showcase varied works rather than repeating the same one. Stef recommends showcasing work you’ve done on But, he adds, if you have not yet had a Buyer purchase from you, then upload something you’ve done before.

Sellers must only showcase original work, said Stef, adding, “I can’t stress this enough. After all, it has to reflect what you are capable of as a freelancer. It’s also very easy to spot plagiarised work. And because clients can’t use plagiarised content, it could lead to a negative review.” Buyers can quickly Google search work for plagiarism, he emphasises.

Remember, he says, the AnyTask™ Platform works best if Sellers upload images at 1024x640 pixels to look best in search results and on the Task page.

1. Titles need to be short for best SEO results

Your portfolio is only 50% of your profile, and it doesn’t say everything about the Task you are offering, says Stef. “Now, I know it’s tempting to keep this brief, especially if you’re someone with multiple skills.”

So, Stef recommends keeping it concise but explaining as a Seller what you will deliver to your Buyer. And he gave the following example: “I will create a modern social media banner/display ad/poster for your business.”

Stef says you shouldn’t “be afraid to create multiple Tasks with titles explaining what you can do for the customer rather than creating one Task for everything.”

2. Don’t miscategorise your Task

The AnyTask social media manager went on to say that he knows it can be “tempting to put your Task into as many categories as possible but doing this could damage your chances of gaining customers.”

If you create a social media banner Task, make sure it lives inside the social media banner category. Doing that could also get your Task rejected by’s vetting team. Being in more categories that aren’t appropriate doesn’t mean more purchases.

3. Your description needs to be descriptive

“Your description is your chance to go into detail about how you will go about creating your task,” Stef says. “Think about things you can offer the Buyer like two concept designs and a final delivery, or what programs you use to create your work or how long you think the project will take.”

Stef also says Sellers shouldn’t oversell their Tasks. “Be truthful to your skill as a freelancer. It’s equally as important not to undersell yourself either by missing out crucial details in your description.”

4. Fill out your profile to the full.

He also has suggestions for the Seller profile picture. There are “two options you can go for here. The first is to add a portrait of yourself to show that you are a real person.” Alternatively, he adds, “attach a logo. This could be the freelance business name that you’ve created for yourself or even your name.”

Stef explains that a profile picture or logo will ensure your profile and Tasks look as professional as possible. He also spoke of the profile description where Sellers can describe their skills and professional experience.

“You could include the types of design you do, which software you like to use, what types of industries you’ve worked in, or even how many years you’ve been a freelancer.”

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