Meet Muhammad Zakria whose life improved thanks to freelancing
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Unemployment in Pakistan — currently nearly 5% — was Muhammad Zakria’s main reason for becoming a freelancer four years ago. Since then, he’s sold hundreds of tasks to customers worldwide, putting him in a much better financial position today than he was back in 2016.

Muhammad’s name is Creativezu. He boasts a 4.7-star rating and has 29 positive reviews on the global freelance platform.

“I have over four years of experience in motion graphics,” he says on his AnyTask , which lists two tasks for the price of $5 and one for $10. “I specialize in intro and outro Epic trailer slideshows. I will create five amazing, 4K animated video logo intros.”

He also offers “clean cinematic introductory logos, Islamic intros, food recipe logos, restaurant, and cinematic promos, as well as video presentations for all occasions.”

Why Muhammad began freelancing

Mr. Zakria is from Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous province, with nearly 115 million inhabitants. The entire country, the sixth most populated globally, has more than 212 million inhabitants. According to government estimates, poverty may rise to 30% due to the pandemic.

“There’s a major lack of jobs in my region and the country in general,” said Muhammad, who lives in Bahawalpur. “The minimum wage is insufficient to make ends meet.”

A passion for video and logo animation

Muhammad felt his best option was to freelance, offering what he does best. “My passion is video-editing and logo animation Freelancing has been an excellent decision. I’m financially stable now that I’ve delivered hundreds of tasks to satisfied customers from all over the world.”

Mr. Zakria started to freelance, offering his expertise to local businesses before going international on Fiverr, other leading freelance platforms, and now AnyTask.

Earning an additional income

“Thanks to AnyTask, I am earning a better income than on other freelance platforms. I make more,” Muhammad said. “What I mean is that on AnyTask, freelancers do not pay any fees, so we get an extra income. That makes a big difference in my country.”

He says that although video editing has been a passion of his since early childhood, he has learned a lot from his clients. “Each time I do another freelance task, I sharpen my skills.”

“I believe I stand out from other freelancers because I put all my passion, dedication, and effort into all the tasks I do for my customers,” Muhammad said. “I make a point of understanding what they want clearly. And I enjoy what I do and do not see it as work. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than to have very happy clients.”

Recommending an excellent platform

Muhammad has recommended AnyTask to many of his friends. He says it’s an excellent freelance platform.

“We, as freelancers, can use the platform for free. And that, to me, shows AnyTask really cares about the freelancer. They are also constantly giving us tips on how to improve our offerings and our profiles,” he said. “We get paid in minutes instead of weeks like on other freelance platforms.”

AnyTask launched in late 2019, and already over 625,000 people have registered to the website, where buyers can find nearly 30,000 freelance tasks across dozens of categories and subcategories. The platform offers buyers 100% satisfaction, which means if they are not happy with their project’s delivery, they get a full refund.

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