Online freelancer says has significantly impacted his life with ‘unforeseen merits’
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Ogwuche Clement Ochera, 27, is a source of inspiration. As well as millions of Nigerians facing unemployment and financial instability, he’s met many other challenges throughout his life, including the loss of his father, a pivotal moment upon which he has built, solidifying his values, principles, and professional ethics.

Clement, who goes by Writingpro on AnyTask, lives in Markudi, Nigeria. He works as a freelancer in a country where, according to a report by Techcabal, PayPal does not allow users to withdraw funds potentially due to the email fraud reputation the nation has globally.

Nigeria is one of the 20 poorest countries in the world, with over 40% of its population living below the country’s poverty line of $381.75 per year, according to a 2020 World Bank report.

Reuters reported that the African nation’s unemployment rate jumped to 27.1% this year due to the pandemic. A Nairametrics report revealed that financial exclusion affects 73.2 million adults representing nearly 42% of the adult population.

Overcoming the obstacles

Despite all the challenges, Ogwuche has harvested many achievements. These include a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, and becoming an investor.

Ogwuche goes by Writingpro on AnyTask. He boasts a 5-star rating and 32 reviews. A buyer identified by their AnyTask handle “Hamsterofdeath” has purchased some 20 tasks from Ogwuche. The buyer said Writingpro worked quickly and delivered what he asked of him exactly.

Lisalondon is also a repeat Writingpro client. This buyer stated Writingpro did “excellent work” and delivered swiftly. Cyptoking has purchased from him on various occasions, saying he did a “great job. I’ll be ordering more.”

‘Freelancing made me what I am today’

Clement became a freelancer drawn by the potential of becoming self-employed and creating an international source of income to finance his personal business goals.

“Freelancing has impacted my life significantly in different ways,” said Clement. “It has made me who I am today. I am a blogger, investor, university graduate. And all the while, I have not lost sight of my farming roots and philanthropic inclines.”

He founded the BoizQuarters Gospel Movement, an altruist organization that has helped many people during the pandemic.

Clement freelanced on other leading platforms, including Fiverr. The problem with other top websites is the withdrawal of funds, which AnyTask resolved for him.

AnyTask is “unique. It pays its sellers immediately,” he said. “A buyer marks a task as complete; no holding period like the 14 days or seven days before payment on Fiverr.”

More than just an income opportunity

When asked how freelancing on AnyTask has made a difference in his life, Writingpro said: “I can only better describe it as ‘unforeseen ways’ because the sales and knowledge gained were unexpected.”

He also said AnyTask has been for him more than just an income opportunity. “Putting aside my earnings, I’ve achieved greatly in terms of experience from the platform. Discipline and endurance are also a part of my earnings. It’s safe to say that I earn more than ETN with AnyTask.”

The Nigerian freelancer said he had gained a lot of professional experience, discipline, and resilience. He says he makes it a point to give each task his all. “It is essential to approach each task with passion, dedication, and absolute focus.

“Buyer’s satisfaction comes first . A happy buyer means a great reviews, and a good review brings about more buyers,” he explained. “this is a cycle I advise my fellow freelancers to put close to the heart while on the field.”

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