The Do’s and Don’ts Of Facebook Advertising
6 min readOct 28, 2022


Marketing exports recognise Facebook as one of the most prominent online advertising platforms. With over 1.9 billion daily logins and 2.9 billion active users, the platform reaches nearly one-third of the global population making it an ideal place to engage with customers. Failure to explore advertising on Facebook as a part of your marketing strategy, risks not reaching many potential customers. The Facebook Ads platform can be daunting, especially if it’s the first time you’re paying for digital ads! If you’re finding it difficult, you’re not alone. Here are some do’s and don’ts for Facebook Ads that can help you achieve your goals.

Concentrate on Creative

When running ads on Facebook, posting images as ads and expecting great results is not as easy as you may think. It would be best to focus on vital creative fields. Some of the key areas that the social media platform asks businesses to fill out in the course of completing the creative steps are:

· Media

· Format

· Headline

· Description

· Edit placement

· Display link

· Primary text

· Website URL

· Headline

· Tracking

· Call to Action (CTA)

When investing in ads, start by focusing on these creative fields, not just the creative.

Split Test Your Adverts

This is typically known as A/B testing. Engaging in this enables you to test different versions of your ads to find out the one that works best for a way to enhance future campaigns. Once you decide to engage in a split test, you need to have two nigh-on identical adverts. One of the ads needs to vary slightly from the other one; else, you won’t be able to identify the specific factor that made an ad perform better than the other. Endeavour to use a large audience during the A/B testing phase and avoid using the audience for other ads running simultaneously, otherwise the two test ads will be competing against the other ads you’re running that do not belong to your A/B test and will only end up introducing new variables that may affect the outcome of your test.

Streamline Your Targeting

This is perhaps one of the best aspects of running Facebook ads. When it comes to finding the right audience on the social media platform, you are free to choose from several options that will respond to the ads you’re running, complete your forms and even share with others. You may need to tweak your targeting parameters several times before you find the right audience. Facebook gives users the freedom to target people based on several factors such as the language spoken, the location of the user, their gender and finally their age.

However, you can make things more detailed by including other things like the titles people hold, their annual income, and even the kind of car they drive. As soon as you are okay with the targeting options, you can now go ahead and upload your customer list into the Ads Manager to enable you to find people on Facebook who closely match your existing customers.

Utilize a Facebook Pixel

This may appear as a new concept if you’re new to Facebook Ads. It is a small piece of code that you can easily install on your website’s header. It will help monitor when people visit your site or even take action. Most firms that advertise on Facebook now install a Facebook Pixel on their websites. This also explains why you can visit some websites and end up seeing ads connected to that website on your Facebook Feeds the next day. Installing it on your website is not difficult either. It’s a simple copy and paste job once you find your own unique Facebook Pixel code.

Utilize Engaging Videos and Pictures

For several decades, the saying, “A picture will always be worth a thousand words,” has become more relevant in our fast-paced world, and this applies to Facebook ads. Have you ever wondered what could easily motivate people to view a post as they scroll through their feeds daily? Of course, a video that gets attention or an eye-catching picture will most likely do the magic. Did you know that 45 percent of users watch over an hour of videos on Facebook weekly? While selecting a video or image for your ad, ensure that they are relevant to the items you’re advertising.

With some of the Facebook Dos out the way, let’s move on to some things you should really avoid when starting your first Facebook advertising campaign.

Don’t Use An Unclear or Misleading CTA

You will only end up confusing your audience when you use a call to action that is either misleading or does not just align with your copy. Your audience may fail to grasp what you’re trying to sell or the next thing to do when they show interest in your product. You need a strong and convincing call to action that will motivate people to take action. And although there is really no perfect length for your call to action, it needs to be concise and to the point.

Don’t Spend much Funds

One reasons why people might avoid using Facebook Ads is that they feel that their business lacks the funds to compete. This isn’t really true because you can make a significant impact with just a dollar. You stand a chance of pushing your business to new potential customers who would not have normally seen the ads by spending very little a day on ads. You can begin with a small budget and gradually increase it as you experience better results.

Don’t Use Long Copy

If you are the type that tends to over-explain yourself, then you may end up providing too much information. Even though you’re going to pay for the ads, it shouldn’t be a justification to make your copy very long and boring. Keep the message short but loaded with value. This will undoubtedly yield more engagement than your long paragraphs. Most people have so much information to read online and they would easily skip your ad if it appears too long.

Don’t Conclude that you have Finally Discovered the Perfect Audience

Sometimes, when people find out that an audience performs so well, they add more funds to their ads and increase their conversions and ROAS. Don’t make the mistake of concluding that you have discovered the secret combination that will enable your business to succeed with Facebook Ads. Did you know that all audiences eventually get exhausted at some point? Once this happens, your ads will cost you more just to reach the same audience and increase your CPM. The best solution to this issue is to continue testing new audiences and also strategically and properly allocate your funds to the ones with better results.

So there you have it, some do’s and don’t for running your own advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads. Stick to these points, and you should excel with your next campaign. Don’t forget, Facebook Ads doesn’t have to be complicated, and you can easily get started with very small budgets until you feel comfortable that you’ve found a solution for your business. It’s all about testing, adapting, and changing your ads until the winning formula for your business has been found. If you’re still nervous about doing everything yourself, or just need some extra help, then check out the freelance experts on the AnyTask™ Platform who are here to help your business today


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