The Final Draft of Middle Passage

A t night I was sleeping, I didn’t know what happen when, I woke up I saw myself in the darkness tie with a big chain. When I look by my right side, I saw a tall stranger he had green eyes, he was a white person, I got scared. I never had seen a white guy in my life.

He said hey kid and he wake to me & He said what is your name I spoken my name is Paul loan. He speak do you know why you are here “I said” I have no idea” then he answer you are here because you are going to be slave to work for as.

I look to my left side and I saw all the black women and men also the children crying, at that time I knew that I was somewhere not so good. The white men came and he took us up in a big steamboat. The sun was so bright, the air was fresh at the top of the ship, I was in the middle of the ocean I never seen a large ocean before i can’t believe my eyes. My name is Paul Leon I was born in West Africa.

On January, 27, 1792 most Africans Were captured by white men so that they can be sold to work as a slave I was 10 years old. I have a brother name Kevin he was 3 year old my dad name Stevie he was 29 years old and my mom name Ali via she was 23 years old. One day in the Sailboat it was so cold children tears were running down it was so cold that you can never sleep.

Many days past most of the kids were sick, they were throwing up, coughing. All the bathroom they have down there were all dirty and full of throw up with blood and it wasn’t good to go in. The bathroom it was flowing with plasma you can’t even look at it. At that day people start to throw up where their sit. People from top of the boat when they go to the bottom of the ship the smell will make them become sick.

It smells like dead body when it’s been there for a long time, I see blood all over floor, I hear people howling everywhere up the top of the lifeboat and down the bottom. I feel bad for the slave because the ghost men tried the slave like animal. I taste the bottom of the ship it was nasty like poop. One day in the ship the ghost man come down the bottom of the boat he say.

‘’Hey he point at all the slave in the bottom of the boat and the white man say
you guys are going up the top of the lifeboat fro fresh air everyone was so happy.

For some hour the ghost men when for lunch and they forget that slave are still outside for fresh air they just put down they guns outside there and all the slave took it and when the white men come outside.

The slave start the fights with white men, the white men kill some slave because they have some guns too. And the slave kill all the white men. It was ten slaves that are left then the other ship came again. The fights go on again then slaves are now all die effect the litter kids. And then the white men took the little kids with them.

My character was dead he was shut by his neck he didn’t feel it before he get shut but when he was bleeding he start to feel it then he fell in the ground slowly and clothes his eye to dead.
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